Leslie Sanford Complete Plugins Bundle [WiN]

Leslie Sanford Complete Plugins Bundle
  • Publisher: Leslie Sanford
  • Supplier: TCD
  • Product: Complete Plugins Bundle
  • Version: 2024.1
  • Format: VST2 + JBridge files
  • Requirements: x64/x86

Welcome to a curated collection of VST plugins, each meticulously crafted based on plugins conceived a few years ago but now reborn with a unified C++ code base, compiled as 64-bit plugins for enhanced performance. Dive into a world of sonic innovation and discover the following plugins:


Cobalt stands as a testament to the synthesizers that defined the sound of the 80s. Drawing inspiration from hybrid synths of that era, Cobalt is a versatile and powerful synthesizer designed to ignite your creativity.


Immerse your sound in the rich ambiance of versatile spaces with the Sanford Reverb. This VST effect boasts the capability to simulate a myriad of reverberant environments, providing a tool that goes beyond the ordinary.


Experience the Sanford Delay, a VST stereo delay effect that effortlessly achieves its purpose. With user-friendly controls, this delay effect ensures efficient and swift integration into your audio production, adding depth and dimension to your sound.


Elevate your stereo spread with the Sanford Bass Tightener. This spatial effect is dedicated to refining and tightening the stereo spread, offering a quick and easy solution to enhance the bass presence in your mix.

Future Developments:

The journey doesn’t end here. The vision is to continue re-writing and releasing an array of freebie plugins, with plans to selectively revamp commercial plugins in the pipeline. As each plugin is completed, it will be made available here for you to explore and integrate into your creative arsenal.

Stay tuned for a continuous stream of innovative plugins, each representing a labor of love and a commitment to delivering exceptional audio tools. Your journey into sonic exploration begins here.

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