Lindell Audio TE-100 [OSX]

Publisher: Lindell Audio
Product: TE-100
Version: 1.1.2 [U2B]-TRAZOR
  • Publisher: Lindell Audio
  • Product: TE-100
  • Version: 1.1.2 [U2B]-TRAZOR

Used by Grammy-Winner Rafa Sardina
The original KLEIN & HUMMEL UE-100® EQs contain 14 tubes and are extremely rare. They’re also incredibly expensive; a stereo pair will cost you upwards of $10,000. Some people will pay anything to get their hands on the rich tones of the UE-100 and Rafa Sardina (Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, and Luis Miguel) is one of them. He’s a producer/mixer with 12 Grammy wins and 35 nominations that owns 10 UE-100 hardware units! Lindell Audio has worked tirelessly to create the TE-100 plugin, which encapsulates the sound of this coveted EQ.

Add musical warmth to tracks

The UE-100 is an all-tube minimum phase EQ that uses six discrete filter modules to create a collection of band-pass filters that produce dynamic curves—suitable for source mixing, vocal tracking, and mastering. The hardware unit has become known for its musically warm curves and precise response, offering a myriad of boosting and/or cutting options across the frequency spectrum. Now you can use the TE-100 plugin to shape sounds “like a Pultec on steroids.”

Easy-to-use controls

Hone in on your sound with low- and high-pass filters at each end of the TE-100, then boost at one of four critical frequencies with rounded or high-Q shelf bands to add body and presence. Create dual parametric band-pass filters in the TE-100’s center section to quickly bring out the true character of your sounds. Pushbutton frequency selectors focus on each corner frequency of a filter, moving them closer or further apart while letting your ears guide the way.

A faithful emulation with extra features

Maintain full control across a variety of mixing situations by taking advantage of level calibration, internal oversampling, and an analog mode that adds additional coloration and noise extracted from the original hardware. Dial in precise gain adjustments in 0.5 dB steps, instead of the 2-3 dB resolution available through the knobs of the UE-100. With the Lindell Audio TE-100, the legacy of the original Universal Equalizer is now available within your DAW.


  • Faithful emulation of the all tube and transformer circuit from the Klein & Hummel UE-100 vintage equalizer of the 60’s
  • Eight bands allow you to carve and customize the perfect response for critical frequencies in your mix
  • Warm tube saturation and musical bands from the classic German Rundfunk (Broadcasting) EQ
  • Create dynamic frequency response curves that simultaneously cut and boost – like a Pultec on steroids
  • One of the most sought after tube equalizers in the history of recording. The hardware contains no less than 14 tubes!

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