Mäag Audio Bundle [MAC]

Maag Audio Bundle
  • Publisher: Mäag Audio
  • Product: Mäag Bundle
  • Release: MORiA
  • Version: U2B
  • Format: AU/VST/VST3

For mixing and mastering engineers who appreciate the finest analog audio processing, the Mäag Audio Bundle from Plugin Alliance represents the pinnacle of hardware emulation. This authoritative collection faithfully recreates two elite products from the boutique Swiss brand – the legendary Magnum compressor and the tonally exquisite EQ4 parametric equalizer.

Magnum: Compression Bliss

The centerpiece is the Magnum dual compressor, a meticulous emulation of Mäag’s flagship dynamics processor. This unique design combines two distinct compressor flavors – the transparent “Magnum Comp” and the punchier “K Comp” – into one powerful parallel path.
Magnum’s secret sauce lies in its innovative “Air Band” passive EQ section, which imparts sublime high-frequency luminance and detail. The integrated soft clip limiter provides reliable circuit protection.

Brainworx has expanded the original hardware with must-have additions like 20 channels of Tolerance Modeling to capture true analog variance. There are also new stereo/mid-side modes, dry/wet parallel blending, and other plugins-only enhancements.

EQ4: Parametric Perfection

Joining Magnum is Mäag’s equally distinguished EQ4 mastering equalizer. This four-band parametric design provides extraordinarily musical equalization capabilities thanks to its trademark “Air Band” and innovative Zero Summing Control filter design.

The plugin expertly translates the EQ4’s otherworldly analog smoothness for warming up vocals, instruments and full mixes alike. Like Magnum, EQ4 also benefits from Brainworx’s Tolerance Modeling tech for authentic analog emulation.

Uncompromising Hardware Emulation

What makes these Mäag plugins so special is their painstaking authenticity verified by the original hardware designers themselves. Both Magnum and EQ4 represent overachieving emulations that expand upon, rather than simply recreating, these boutique studio tools.
For engineers who demand nothing less than premium analog character and uncompromising tonal sculpting, the Mäag Audio Bundle delivers hardware-beating performance from two true modern classics. This powerful plugin combination provides the ultimate tools for injecting sophistication, punch and refinement into your mixes and masters.

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