Martinic Pianet-T [WiN]

Pianet T is a 70s electro-mechanical piano VST plugin
  • Publisher: Martinic
  • Product: Pianet-T
  • Release: TeamCubeadooby
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX/CLAP

If you’re a music producer, composer, or simply an audiophile seeking to infuse your tracks with a touch of vintage charm, the Martinic Pianet-T is an absolute must-have. This meticulously crafted virtual instrument captures the iconic sound of the ’70s electro-mechanical piano, the Pianet T, with an ingenious approach that seamlessly blends ancient mathematical principles with cutting-edge NASA technology.

A Truly Unique Sonic Tapestry

At the heart of the Pianet-T lies a truly ingenious concept – instead of striking the reeds, NASA-patented pink plastic suction pads engage them, sucking on the reeds until they snap loose and begin to vibrate. This unconventional approach, combined with small coils akin to guitar pickups that convert the vibrations into electrical sound, creates a rich and intricate sonic tapestry unlike any other.

Achieving Authentic Sound Through Computational Mastery

To ensure an authentic recreation of the Pianet T’s distinct sound profile, Martinic has employed an enhanced iteration of the formula pioneered by the seventh-century Indian mathematician Bhāskara Ⅰ. This seamless fusion of ancient methodologies with cutting-edge twentieth-century NASA techniques is a testament to the developer’s commitment to achieving uncompromising accuracy and performance.

The Power of Unplugged and Harmonic Mix

But the Pianet-T’s innovation doesn’t stop there. The “Unplugged” model, a physically modeled representation of the instrument’s natural sound, can be used independently or in conjunction with the ACE® modeled “Pickups,” adding an extra layer of authenticity and depth. Additionally, the Harmonic Mix feature offers level controls that allow for subtle harmonic changes or even the transformation of the Pianet T into a vibraphone-like sound, expanding the creative possibilities even further.

A Suite of Immersive Effects

To enhance the overall sonic experience, the Pianet-T boasts a comprehensive suite of effects, including Vibrato, Tremolo, and Chorus. But the crown jewel is the Vintage tube combo amp, complete with classic spring reverb and cabinet simulation, adding an extra layer of warmth and character to your retro-inspired compositions.

Optimized for Modern Workflows

While the Pianet-T pays homage to the past, it’s undoubtedly a product of the present, meticulously optimized for modern music production workflows. With its efficient architecture, you can enjoy the rich, retro charm of this iconic instrument without overtaxing your CPU, ensuring a smooth and seamless creative experience.

Embrace the Retro Charm of the Pianet-T

If you’re seeking to infuse your productions with a touch of vintage magic, the Martinic Pianet-T is an absolute must-have. With its ingenious approach to sound generation, authentic emulation of the original instrument’s quirks, and comprehensive suite of effects, this virtual instrument offers a truly immersive and inspiring creative experience.

Unleash your inner retro spirit and let the Pianet-T transport you to a bygone era, where warmth, character, and sonic depth reigned supreme. Experience the harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation, and elevate your music to new heights of authenticity and artistry.

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