Mercuriall Ampbox v1.4.1 [WiN-MAC]

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  • Publisher: Mercuriall Audio Software
  • Product: Ampbox
  • Release: V.R
  • Version: 1.4.1 CE

Discover Mercuriall Ampbox: A versatile amp modeling plugin featuring Neural Hybrid Engine 2.0, flexible routing, and high-quality effects for guitarists and producers.

Mercuriall Ampbox is a cutting-edge amp modeling plugin that aims to be the ultimate platform for guitar tone creation. This comprehensive review will explore its features, sound quality, and usability to help potential users decide if Ampbox is the right choice for their audio production needs.

Core Technology

  • Neural Hybrid Engine v2.0
    • Advanced modeling technology for realistic amp simulations
    • Currently implemented in the Dual Rectofire model
    • Promises improved accuracy and responsiveness
  • Power Link Technology
    • Simulates power supply linkage between preamp and poweramp
    • Adds subtle, analog-like interactions for increased realism

Key Features

  • Modular Interface
    • Freely movable module windows within the plugin
    • Customize your workspace by showing only necessary modules
    • Improves workflow efficiency and reduces screen clutter
  • Independent Preamp/Poweramp Control
    • Switch off preamp or poweramp sections independently
    • Allows for unique tone-shaping possibilities and amp hybrids
  • Unified Oversampling
    • Single oversampling cycle for pedals, preamp, and poweramp
    • Eliminates latency build-up and maintains sound quality throughout the signal chain
  • Stereo Processing
    • True stereo modeling with independent left/right channel processing
    • Ideal for wide, immersive guitar tones and creative effects
  • Integrated Effects
    • High-quality delay and reverb can be used in parallel
    • Simplifies signal routing and eliminates the need for additional plugins
  • Performance Optimization
    • Multi-threading support for improved CPU utilization
    • Scales well with modern multi-core processors
  • Standalone Operation
    • Use Ampbox without a DAW for practice or live performance
    • Convenient for quick tone creation and jamming sessions
  • Preset Management
    • Robust factory preset library
    • User preset system with manual sharing options
    • Quickly recall and share your favorite tones

Supported Models

Currently, Ampbox supports the following Mercuriall products:

  • Dual Rectofire
  • Euphoria
  • ReAxis
  • U530

Mercuriall plans to add more products to the platform in the future, expanding its versatility.

The preset system is particularly noteworthy, providing a solid starting point for tone exploration and easy sharing of custom presets among users.


Thanks to its multi-threading support, Ampbox demonstrates efficient CPU usage on modern systems. The unified oversampling approach ensures consistent sound quality without introducing additional latency, which is crucial for real-time playing and recording.

Creative Applications

  • Studio Recording: Craft polished guitar tones for professional productions
  • Home Recording: Achieve studio-quality sounds without the need for loud amplifiers
  • Live Performance: Use the standalone version for consistent tones on stage
  • Sound Design: Create unique textures by pushing the amp models beyond traditional uses
  • Re-amping: Process pre-recorded DI tracks with flexible routing options


  • High-quality amp modeling with Neural Hybrid Engine 2.0
  • Flexible, modular interface for customized workflows
  • True stereo processing for wide, immersive tones
  • Integrated effects reduce the need for additional plugins
  • Efficient CPU usage with multi-threading support
  • Standalone operation for practice and live use


  • Limited number of supported amp models (though expanding)
  • May require time to fully explore and utilize all features
  • Lacks some of the tactile feel of physical amps and pedals

Mercuriall Ampbox represents a significant step forward in the world of amp modeling plugins. Its combination of advanced modeling technology, flexible routing, and user-friendly interface makes it a powerful tool for guitarists and producers alike.

The modular design and ability to use Ampbox as a platform for multiple Mercuriall products offer excellent value, especially for users invested in the Mercuriall ecosystem. As the company continues to add support for more amp models, Ampbox’s versatility will only increase.

While it may not completely replace high-end physical amps for the most discerning users, Ampbox provides a compelling solution for a wide range of recording, practice, and live performance scenarios. Its sound quality, combined with the convenience of software, makes it an attractive option for modern musicians and producers.

Mercuriall Ampbox earns a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. It offers an impressive balance of sound quality, flexibility, and ease of use. The Neural Hybrid Engine 2.0 and Power Link technology demonstrate Mercuriall’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of amp modeling.

Whether you’re a home recording enthusiast, a professional producer, or a gigging musician, Ampbox provides a versatile platform for creating and managing your guitar tones. As Mercuriall continues to expand the supported amp models and refine the technology, Ampbox is poised to become an even more indispensable tool in the modern guitarist’s arsenal.

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