MIA Laboratories 990 Spark Multiband [WiN]

990 Spark Multiband is an advanced 4-band saturator VST plugin
  • Publisher: MIA Laboratories
  • Product: 990 Spark Multiband
  • Release: R2R
  • Version: 1.0.0

Attention audio professionals and enthusiasts: MIA Laboratories has released the 990 Spark Multiband, a sophisticated 4-band saturator plugin now available for download. This advanced audio processing tool combines three essential modules—Compressor, EQ, and Saturator—into a single, powerful unit, offering unprecedented control over saturation effects and tonal shaping.

Key Features of the 990 Spark Multiband

  • Multiband Architecture: The plugin utilizes a 4-band structure, allowing for precise frequency-dependent processing.
  • Modular Design: Each band incorporates three core modules—Compressor, EQ, and Saturator—which can be rearranged in any order, providing unique signal flow options.
  • Comprehensive Saturation Algorithms: Users can choose from 16 distinct saturation algorithms per band, including emulations of Diode, Triode, and Pentode circuits. This diverse selection enables a wide range of saturation effects, from subtle harmonic enhancement to aggressive distortion.
  • Advanced Compression: The plugin offers four compressor types inspired by MIA’s renowned hardware units (925, 409, Compressor ONE), allowing for precise dynamic control within each frequency band.
  • Flexible Equalization: Eight filter options are available per band, including Musiqual EQs (Red, Green, Blue) and essential filter types (High-Pass, Low-Pass, Peak, and Shelving). This extensive selection facilitates both corrective and creative equalization tasks.

The 990 Spark Multiband’s modular approach to signal processing offers several advantages:

  • Customizable Signal Flow: By allowing users to rearrange the Compressor, EQ, and Saturator modules within each band, the plugin enables the creation of unique processing chains tailored to specific audio sources or creative goals.
  • Frequency-Dependent Processing: The multiband architecture allows for targeted application of saturation, compression, and equalization to specific frequency ranges, providing greater control over the final sound.
  • Diverse Tonal Palette: With its extensive selection of saturation algorithms, compressor types, and EQ options, the 990 Spark Multiband can produce a wide array of tonal characteristics, from subtle warmth to bold, harmonically rich distortion.


The 990 Spark Multiband is versatile enough to excel in various audio production scenarios:

  • Electronic Music Production: Ideal for adding character and depth to synthesizers, drums, and bass sounds.
  • Mixing and Mastering: Useful for adding subtle harmonic enhancement to full mixes or individual tracks.
  • Sound Design: The plugin’s extensive modulation capabilities make it an excellent tool for creating unique and evolving textures.
  • Live Sound: Can be employed to add warmth and presence to live instruments or vocals in a concert setting.
  • Post-Production: Valuable for enhancing dialogue, sound effects, or background ambience in film and video projects.

The MIA Laboratories 990 Spark Multiband represents a significant advancement in saturation and tonal shaping technology. By combining multiple processing modules into a single, intuitive interface, it offers audio professionals unprecedented control over their sound. Whether used for subtle harmonic enhancement or bold creative effects, this plugin provides the tools necessary to achieve professional-grade results across a wide range of audio applications.

For those seeking to expand their sonic palette and gain greater control over saturation and tonal shaping, the 990 Spark Multiband presents a compelling solution. Its combination of flexibility, power, and ease of use makes it a valuable addition to any audio professional’s toolkit.

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