MusicLab RealRick 6 [WiN]

RealRick 6 is a sample-based VST that revolutionizes guitar sound modeling and techniques emulation, playable with a standard MIDI keyboard
  • Publisher: MusicLab
  • Product: RealStrat 6
  • Release: R2R
  • Version: Incl Patched and Keygen READ NFO
  • Requirements: Windows 10 and higher

We’re thrilled to introduce RealRick 6, a virtual guitar instrument that captures the unmistakable sound of the legendary Rickenbacker® electric guitar, forever linked with the iconic music of The Beatles.

In the early 1960s, Rickenbacker® made history as it became intrinsically tied to one of the greatest music revolutions of the 20th century: the rise of The Beatles from Liverpool, England. John Lennon’s ownership of at least four models, along with George Harrison’s double-bound 360/12, defined a new sonic landscape in songs like “You Can’t Do That,” “Eight Days a Week,” “A Hard Day’s Night,” and “Ticket To Ride.” Its distinctive ringing sound became the cornerstone of bands like The Byrds, thanks to Jim McGuinn, while other prominent guitarists of the era, such as Peter Townshend of The Who, John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival, and John Kay of Steppenwolf, embraced the Rickenbacker® with fervor. Its legacy continues in modern times, with bands like Oasis, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, and U2 featuring Rickenbacker® guitars in their music arsenals, alongside artists like R.E.M.’s Peter Buck and Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace.

RealRick 6 is a sample-based virtual instrument that revolutionizes guitar sound modeling and techniques emulation, playable with a standard MIDI keyboard. Offering unparalleled playability through unique performance modes and an intuitive keyboard layout, RealRick 6 empowers keyboardists to infuse guitar parts with newfound realism and expression. Covering a vast array of sounds, articulations, and techniques, RealRick 6 faithfully reproduces everything a professional guitarist can achieve on a Rickenbacker®, from mutes to harmonics, strumming to picking, and beyond.

Featuring 24-bit 96 kHz high-quality dry samples recorded directly from the pickups, RealRick 6 allows users to craft any desired guitar sound with ease using their favorite amplifier simulator. It includes 8 guitar patches, catering to various playing styles and preferences.

  • 6-string Mono
  • 12-string A Mono (3rd string pair tuned in octave)
  • 12-string B Mono (3rd string pair tuned in unison)
  • 6-string Stereo/Double-track
  • 12-string A and B Stereo/Mono (main sustain sound is stereo, additional sounds/noises are mono)
  • 12-string A and B Stereo/Double-track

RealRick 6 is the ultimate tool for musicians seeking authentic Rickenbacker® guitar sounds and performances, providing a new level of versatility and creativity.

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