n-Track Studio 10 Suite [WiN]

n Track Studio 10 Suite
  • Publisher: n-Track
  • Supplier: R2R
  • Product: n-Track Studio 10 Suite
  • Version: Incl Patched and Keygen

Whether it’s slicing samples, customizing effects chains or creating immersive soundscapes, n-Track Studio 10 is loaded with a host of new features — all designed to spark your next idea.

New in version 10: n-Track Studio 10 adds new creativity boosting tools and effects

Shape your sound

Imagine having the power to shape your sound, compose melodies, beats, and textures that are uniquely yours. With n-Track Studio 10, your creative horizons are boundless. The addition of melodic, drum, multilayer and slicer samplers allows exploring uncharted musical territories. It’s the ultimate playground for your musical ideas.

FX and Instrument Chains

Craft your unique sonic signature with the ability to save and recall presets for groups of instruments and effects. Your music should sound like you, and n-Track Studio 10 understands that perfectly.

Add touch of magic with Shimmer

Shimmer is your gateway to breathtaking, otherworldly reverberations. Add a touch of celestial magic to your tracks, creating expansive soundscapes that transport your listeners to distant realms – Shimmer will infuse your music with an enchanting aura that’s simply mesmerizing.

Diffuser: Your New Secret Weapon

Diffuser is your secret weapon for sculpting intricate sonic landscapes that captivate the senses. This powerful effect allows you to disperse and diffuse sound, creating immersive soundscapes that envelop your audience.

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