Nembrini Audio LoFi [WiN]

Nembrini Audio LoFi
  • Publisher: Nembrini Audio
  • Product: LoFi Vintage Clipper
  • Version: 2.0.1-R2R

Nembrini Audio LoFi Vintage Clipper plugin is designed to add grit and weight to your mix with two distinctive custom-designed saturation algorithms. Use it to add presence and density to your tracks and control transients like the biggest Mix Engineers!

From gentle clipping to wild distortion, the Nembrini Audio LoFi Vintage Clipper plugin is ideal for your Tracks, Busses and Mixbus.

This is a finely tuned clip algorithm designed to limit the transients as happens using a real analogue signal chain and increase the density of your tracks.

Saturation is a specially designed algorithm that mimics the behaviour of vintage analog equipment like old tape machines and mixing consoles input/output stage.

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  • Post last modified:May 14, 2023

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