NEOLD Everything Bundle 2024 [MAC]

NEOLD Everything Bundle 2024
  • Publisher: NEOLD
  • Product: NEOLD Everything Bundle
  • Release: HCiSO
  • Version: 2024.04.24
  • Requirements: macOS 10.14 or later

The NEOLD Everything Bundle is a comprehensive collection of meticulously crafted plugins that capture the essence and character of vintage analog gear from the golden age of recordings. Driven by a passion for vintage equipment, NEOLD goes to great lengths to bring back the sound of professional analog recording equipment, breathing new life into classic analog masterpieces.

At the heart of the NEOLD Everything Bundle are seven unique plugins, each meticulously modeled after rare and iconic analog hardware, offering users a wide range of vintage sound shaping tools to enhance their productions.

First up is NEOLD BIG AL, “The Power Saturator.” This tube saturator plugin is built around vintage components from the radio era, utilizing pre and power tubes to generate rich analog coloration. With a straightforward user interface and onboard mods, BIG AL delivers musical and analog sounding saturation and filters that add warmth and character to any sound.

Next, NEOLD U2A is an LA-2A-style opto compressor plugin with unique features. Offering warm and open optical compression sound, U2A allows users to toggle between compression and limiting, adjust frequency emphasis, blend between a freshly serviced and aged unit, and control recovery time for added versatility.

NEOLD U17 is a classic compressor from the golden era of analog design. Painstakingly modeled on legendary analog studio hardware from 1954, U17 combines a solid-state diode bridge with all-tube transformer-coupled amplification, offering flexible soft clipping and vintage compression with auto modes for attack and release.

NEOLD V76U73 is a faithful model of the legendary 1950s German preamp and compressor. Featuring powerful high- and low-pass filters, a unique “linear function” for capturing the textures of the V76, sidechain filtering, and automatic gain compensation, V76U73 provides incredibly simple operation with immediate results.

NEOLD WARBLE is a tape modulator plugin that delivers authentic tape modulation effects with wide-range Wow/Flutter and tone-shaping controls. With Hi-Cut and Lo-Cut filters, tape transport settings, and a mix controller, WARBLE allows users to create the perfect blend of clean and warbly sounds.

Finally, NEOLD WUNDERLICH is a color box plugin with the sound of ultra-rare WUNDERLICH vacuum tubes from 1932. Combining a WUNDERLICH-powered preamp stage, Vari-Mu compressor, classic EQ, and onboard mixer section, WUNDERLICH offers users a mojo machine for their whole mix, with instant access to contemporary tones and retro vibes.

In conclusion, the NEOLD Everything Bundle is a must-have collection for producers and engineers looking to add vintage analog warmth and character to their productions. With its meticulously modeled plugins and wide range of unique features, NEOLD delivers an unparalleled sound shaping experience that captures the magic of classic analog gear.

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