Neural DSP Archetype: Plini v2.0.1 [WiN]

Publisher: Neural DSP
Product: Archetype: Plini
Version: 2.0.1-R2R
Formats: VST, AAX
Requirements: Latest OS Compatibility for Windows
  • Publisher: Neural DSP
  • Supplier: R2R
  • Product: Archetype: Plini
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Formats: VST/AAX

Archetype: Plini is a truly versatile plugin, elegantly developed with the artist who inspired it.

Plini is one of the most innovative and refreshing electric guitarists of our generation. His distinct sound combines an unusually wide variety of styles: progressive, fusion, and metal, all with impressive fluency and elegance.

As musicians, we found great inspiration in Plini’s immense imaginativeness and artistry. As engineers, we realized that if a similar mindset could be applied to creating a plugin that could cover all the ground such a versatile artist requires it to, the results could be spectacular.

So we reached out to Plini to collaborate on a product, knowing that his incredibly demanding standards, good taste, and needs for a tool equipped with everything needed for production and live performing would push us to write a plugin that could not only do it all, but everything it did could be the best state-of-the-art technology can offer.

After conceiving the concept and requirements with Plini, a multidisciplinary task-force of the best minds in our team was put at his full disposal.

And the result is a product just as multifaceted and capable as the artist who inspired it. We hope that using it inspires you as much as creating it inspired us.

We present you, Archetype: Plini.


State of the art tube amplifier modeling and versatility are the backbone of this plugin.

We wanted to try something different this time, so we worked with Plini on designing his dream amplifiers, engineered from the ground up to perfectly cover the vast dynamic and tonal range his music requires.

These amplifier designs were then obsessively modeled with extreme accuracy.

The result is three refreshingly new amplifiers: a crystal-clear Clean, a tight and articulate Rhythm, and a powerful and defined Lead. Virtual Amplifiers that are not only unique but can also excel in all styles.


Transparent, punchy and crystal sounding.

This amplifier embodies all the definition, size, and headroom of some of the most sought after and elusive clean amplifiers in the world, into a channel that sounds as distinguished and elegant as it looks.


The perfect mid-point between the crystal clear clean and the ludicrously high gain.

This channel captures the clarity and crisp sound of the best New-wave of British tones, with an added twist.


Featuring the Crunch design with an additional triode gain stage.

This virtual amplifier was designed with leads and hot-rodded, heavy riffs in mind. It also works extremely well with extended range guitars.

Dynamic Effects

Having absolute control over signal dynamics is crucial for nuanced playing and bridging the saturation gaps between amplifiers.

A virtual-analog model of a widely used bus compressor and booster/overdrive pedal are included to provide additional flexibility and adaptability to different styles and instruments.

The compressor’s threshold control is linked to the makeup gain so that the output volume stays constant throughout different settings.


Ideal for detailed spectrum adjustment, the onboard 9-band graphic equalizer allows for total control over frequency response.

Time Effects

Reverb: Physical spaces give us a reference on where we are experiencing sounds, and a good reverb has to replicate this naturally. The multidimensional reverb offers a huge, beautiful sound that takes you to wide and narrow dimensions with the Space and Time controls.

Delay: The onboard delay allows for all the cool features you would expect from a digital delay, but we have also added our proprietary machine-learning generated Tape Saturation algorithm for the perfect combination between cutting edge-technology and vintage warmth and color.


It is hard to overstate the importance of well-captured cabinets in a rig’s overall tonal character.

To offer maximum flexibility, we engineered a very comprehensive and adaptive cabinet simulation module: featuring six virtual microphones, which can be positioned around the speakers.

This module can also serve as a standard loader for your favorite impulse response files.

These features can be used on both mono and stereo configurations; the latter allows for a second microphone to be added with full panning, microphone-level, and phase parameters in addition to position and distance, for ultimate control and endless sonic possibilities.

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