Pajczur pajEQanalyser [WiN]

Publisher: Pajczur
Product: pajEQanalyser
Version: 1.0-MOCHA
Format: VST3/AAX
  • Publisher: Pajczur
  • Product: pajEQanalyser
  • Version: 1.0-MOCHA
  • Format: VST3/AAX

pajEQanalyser is very simply tool that allows to investigate frequency magnitude and phase shift caused by EQ or any other plugin.

Manual is as simple as possible: just before EQ which you want to analyse insert impulse generator and after EQ insert pajEQanalyser, that’s all.

What you can do with pajEQanalyser
That simple tool can help to understand what’s going on in the depth of some audio processes. For example, you can see how famous tools (like pulltec or SSL consoles) actually shape sound.

Resolve phase shift issues
Many times we experience frequency reduction caused by phase shifting, especially in low end. PajEQanalyser can help to quickly investigate which process in the chain causes the largest phase shifting.

Detailed and precise
Frequency resolution buttons are handy during lower frequencies investigations when more detailed analysis is needed. And unlimited zooming option allow to display big picture with detailed informations about each frequency.

Latency detection
To be sure we don’t deal with latency but real phase shift pajEQanalyser can detect the latency caused by process in the chain.
(Please keep in mind, latency detection is not perfect, it can deal with some basics processes like EQ, saturation, compression, but it easily gets lost with more destructive things like reverbs, delays, or some drastic equalisation)

Key features:
analysis of freq. magnitude and phase shift caused by other plugins
various resolutions to display precisely lower frequencies
zooming handle allows to set big and beautiful picture with detailed frequencies marks
latency detection to handle some troubles with technical delays.
wrapping button to handle phase shifts bigger than absolute 180°

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