PastToFutureReverbs AKAI S950 Converters Plugin Extension for Proteus!

PastToFutureReverbs AKAI S950
  • Publisher: PastToFutureReverbs
  • Product: AKAI S950 Converters Plugin Extension for Proteus!
  • Format: json

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular, frequently utilized, most exceptional sounding samplers available.
We received a plethora of requests to sample this sampler, and with the use of machine learning, we were able to replicate the same sound with precision.
It sounds so FAT! Be sure to check out our demo to hear the results for yourself.

Introducing the revolutionary new software extension, „AKAI S950 CONVERTERS PLUGIN EXTENSION FOR PROTEUS“ – the next level of non-linear impulse response making using AI machine learning.

With A.I. A.I. SP 303 SAMPLER VINYL SIM PLUGIN EXTENSION FOR PROTEUS, we captured the saturation, overdrive, and distortion characteristics of analog devices like a Tape recorder, Tube Amp, Mic Pre, Limiter, Compressor, and Guitar Pedals like never before.

The ultimate solution for those seeking to capture the warmth and character of analog devices like tape recorders, tube amps, and guitar pedals in their digital audio recordings.

This cutting-edge technology uses AI machine learning neural networks to create non-linear impulse responses that accurately replicate the sound of analog devices, which normal impulse responses can not do.

This technology goes beyond traditional impulse responses, providing a more realistic and dynamic sound that truly captures the essence of analog devices.

You will only need to get the free plugin (Proteus) that lets you use these AI machine learning non-linear impulse responses.

Simply download the plugin (Proteus) from and load the AKAI S950 CONVERTERS.json file into the plugin to enjoy the next level of realistic sound.

The Plugin that you need to use these files are available for free in various formats including Windows 10/11 64-bit (VST3, AAX), Mac 10.11 and up (AU, VST3, AAX), and Linux (VST3, AAX).

P:S: (The IR switch is a default Cab IR that is included with Proteus as default and should be at the OFF position (Left)

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