Polyverse Supermodal [WiN-OSX]

Publisher: Polyverse Music
Product: Supermodal
Version: 0.5.0-TRAZOR
  • Publisher: Polyverse Music
  • Product: Supermodal
  • Version: 0.5.0-TRAZOR & 0.5.0 Unlocked-r4e

Polyverse Supermodal is a powerful filter with a modern sound that will make your music resonate. It remodels ordinary tracks utilizing its powerful Modal filter that emulates sonic characteristics modeled from a wide range resonating bodies. Combined with a parallel state-variable filter and expansive modulation system, a single audio signal can be manipulated into a wide array of frequencies to create shimmering cinematic soundscapes, pulsating rhythms, pads with harmonic motion, or anything else you can dream up.

• Modal filter capable of seamless morphing between modes
• 27 Modes ranging from musical to mangled
• 200+ presets and counting
• Drive SVF filter input and Modal filter output
• Modulate any parameter with fast, intuitive modulation sources
• Cross modulate between 4 modulation slots
• 24dB per-octave slope state-variable filter
• Blend between SVF and Modal filter
• Self-resonate when resonance is boosted past 100
• Control partials to completely eliminate high or low frequencies
• Shape modal tails with decay and damping controls

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  1. oren

    it asks for a license and there is nothing in the file.

    1. Admin

      Added a temporary key. Also, you can check the installer package (Pacifist tool is an option) take key.pvkey file from TRAZOR folder put in “/Users/(your username)/Library/Polyverse/Supermodal” folder.

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