PotenzaDSP Amigo Sampler incl. Themes [WiN-MAC-LiNUX]

8-bit Amiga style sampler plugin
  • Publisher: PotenzaDSP
  • Product: Amigo Sampler
  • Release: sneakz
  • Format: VST3/AU
  • Requirements: Windows 7+ macOS 10.13+ Ubuntu 20.4+

PotenzaDSP introduces Amigo Sampler, a revolutionary plugin designed to transport producers back to the nostalgic era of the Commodore Amiga. With its unique ability to downsample audio files to the iconic 22kHz and 8-bit frequencies of the Amiga, Amigo Sampler offers an authentic crunch and retro charm that pays homage to the golden age of gaming and music production.

Embrace the Amiga Aesthetic

Amigo Sampler captures the essence of the Commodore Amiga by downsampling WAV, MP3, AIFF, and even Amiga IFF format files to the distinctive 22kHz and 8-bit resolution. This faithful recreation of the Amiga’s sonic signature infuses your music with vintage warmth and character, reminiscent of classic video game soundtracks and electronic music of the past.

Versatile Sampling Modes

Explore a range of sampling modes tailored to suit different musical styles and production techniques. Whether you prefer monophonic or polyphonic playback, Amigo Sampler offers chromatic mono, polyphonic (including one-note chord mode), and slice mode for triggering individual sample slices by note. This flexibility empowers producers to unleash their creativity and craft unique sonic textures with ease.

Real-Time Timestretching

Experience seamless timestretching capabilities reminiscent of classic AKAI samplers, allowing for real-time manipulation of sample playback speed and pitch. Fully automatable and AKAI-style in operation, Amigo Sampler offers intuitive control over the tempo and feel of your samples, adding a dynamic element to your productions.

System Requirements and Compatibility

Amigo Sampler is compatible with macOS (10.13 or higher), Windows (7 or higher), and Linux (Ubuntu 20.4 or higher), offering native support for both Intel and Apple Silicon processors. Available in AUv2 and VST3 formats for macOS, and VST3 format for Windows, Amigo Sampler seamlessly integrates into nearly all major DAWs, ensuring compatibility with your existing production setup.

PotenzaDSP Amigo Sampler is a game-changer for producers seeking to infuse their music with the nostalgic charm and authentic sound of the Commodore Amiga. With its ability to downsample audio to 22kHz and 8-bit frequencies, versatile sampling modes, and real-time timestretching capabilities, Amigo Sampler offers a unique sonic palette that harkens back to the glory days of retro gaming and electronic music production. Whether you’re crafting nostalgic chiptune melodies or adding a touch of vintage flair to modern productions, Amigo Sampler delivers the authentic Amiga experience with modern convenience and flexibility.

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