PSPaudioware PSP MasterComp [WiN]

PSP MasterComp high fidelity stereo dynamics processor R2R
  • Publisher: PSPaudioware
  • Supplier: R2R
  • Product: PSP MasterComp
  • Version: 1.9.0

PSP MasterComp stands out as a premium stereo dynamics processor, engineered for high fidelity audio processing. Leveraging double-precision 64-bit floating point and double-sampled FAT (Frequency Authentication Technique) processing, it guarantees unparalleled transparency, even under extreme compression settings and at high sample rates.

Versatile Install Options

The PSP MasterComp installer is equipped with two distinct versions of the plugin, each tailored to specific audio processing needs:

  • PSP MasterComp: Primarily designed for mastering compression and expansion.
  • PSP MicroComp: Tailored for use on buses and track processing during mixing.


PSP MasterComp finds its stride in various audio applications, including:

  • Controlling or revitalizing signal dynamics during mixing or mastering.
  • Shaping the final sound of the mix.
  • Delivering classic analog-like smooth compression.
  • Revitalizing transients for a dynamic audio output.

PSP MasterComp Features

  • High-Frequency Transparency: Achieve total clarity with double-sampled processing (excluding output limiter), ensuring fidelity in every detail.
  • Low Distortion: Benefit from low distortion, thanks to the optional Smooth Level Detector algorithm.
  • Intelligent Attack and Release: Opt for optional intelligent automatic attack and release times for optimal control over your audio dynamics.
  • Mastering Controls: A wide range of controls meticulously designed for mastering purposes, allowing precision in audio shaping.
  • Compression and Expansion: Apply compression and expansion beyond threshold settings, providing versatility in dynamic range manipulation.
  • Advanced Side Chain Filtering: Fine-tune your audio processing with advanced side chain filtering, channel linking, and compression tilting controls.
  • Mix Control: Blend processed and clean signals seamlessly with the mix control, allowing for precise balance.
  • Output Limiting: Optionally employ a high-quality brick wall output limiter with automatic release time for added control.
  • Advanced Meters: Benefit from advanced PPM/VU meters with contextual readings and adjustable parameters, ensuring accurate monitoring.
  • Selectable Channel Processing: Tailor your approach with selectable channel processing options, including Mid, Side, Left, Right, or Stereo.

PSP MasterComp redefines the standards of stereo dynamics processing, offering a feature-rich environment for mastering and mixing scenarios, where transparency and control are paramount. Elevate your audio production with this sophisticated tool that effortlessly balances precision and versatility.

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