Pulsar Modular P565 Filter Set [OSX]

Publisher: Pulsar Modular
Product: P565 Filter Set
Version: 1.0 [U2B]-TRAZOR
  • Publisher: Pulsar Modular
  • Product: P565 Filter Set
  • Version: 1.0 [U2B]-TRAZOR

The P565 Siren Filter Set is a merge for the perfect workflow of highly coveted filters from different hardware audio equipment with a unique signature sound that makes it a Pulsar Modular product.

P565 Siren features high and low pass filters with selectable slope and tunable musical resonance that brings you into the realm of some of the most sought after resonant filters and beyond. It also features two notch/peak filters designed for precise adjustment and creative expression. Each of these filters can be dynamically modulated based on an external input signal or the built-in dual envelope followers with fine control over attack, release, amount and speed characteristics. These features accumulate to a powerful creative use that ranges from subtle movement to funky rhythmic enhancement while still covering phasing, flanging and resonance sweeps.

P565 Siren doesn’t stop there. Use the drive to give body, character and dimension to any sound or warp it into overdrive, taking your sound to where no overdrive has gone before!

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