Punk Labs OneTrick CRYPTID [WiN]

Fantasy FM Drum Synth Emulating a DX7
  • Publisher: Punk Labs
  • Product: OneTrick CRYPTID
  • Release: ARCADiA
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Format: VST3/CLAP/Standalone
  • Requirements: Windows (x64)

In the clandestine realm where the echoes of legendary drum machines and synths converge, emerges a creature of myth and legend—the DX-808, also known as OneTrick CRYPTID. It’s touted as the world’s most accurate recreation of an FM drum synth, a concoction born of dark ambition and relentless pursuit of sonic excellence.

Unveiling the Beast

OneTrick CRYPTID embodies the sinister amalgamation of the cold, metallic heart of a DX7 and the fearsome frame of a TR-808. Whispers of its existence reverberate in the dusty backrooms of backstreet recording studios, promising to unleash a torrent of chart-topping tracks with its unearthly capabilities.


  • 18 Emulated DX7 Sounds: From the haunting Log Drum Toms to the thunderous Wood Block Cowbell, CRYPTID boasts a comprehensive arsenal of 18 meticulously crafted DX7 sounds, ready to imbue your compositions with otherworldly textures.
  • Multi-Out or Stereo: Offering flexibility in routing, CRYPTID provides options for multi-out or stereo configurations, catering to diverse production workflows and preferences.
  • Greyhole Reverb: Dive into the depths of sonic abyss with the Greyhole reverb, adding immersive spatial dimensionality to your compositions and enveloping them in ethereal ambience.
  • Tanh Saturation: Harness the power of Tanh saturation to inject warmth, grit, and character into your sounds, elevating them from the mundane to the sublime with harmonic richness and depth.
  • Chromatic MIDI Channels: Unlock boundless creative possibilities with chromatic MIDI channels, enabling precise control and manipulation of CRYPTID’s expansive sound palette.
  • Nondestructive Modulation (CLAP): Embrace the chaos and unpredictability of nondestructive modulation with CLAP, a feature that empowers you to sculpt and shape your sounds dynamically without fear of irreversible changes.
  • Automatable Parameters: Every parameter within CRYPTID is automatable, allowing for seamless integration into your production workflow and precise control over every sonic nuance and detail.
  • DRM-Free & Open Source: CRYPTID is devoid of any restrictive DRM measures, ensuring freedom and flexibility in its usage. Furthermore, it’s open-source, inviting exploration, learning, adaptation, and improvement by the community of users and developers.

OneTrick CRYPTID stands as a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of its creators, offering a glimpse into the realm of mythical sonic beasts. With its unparalleled accuracy in emulating the FM drum synthesis of the elusive DX-808, CRYPTID beckons daring producers and sound designers to unlock its arcane powers and push the boundaries of sonic exploration. Whether you’re crafting dystopian soundscapes or chart-topping hits, CRYPTID promises to be a formidable ally in your creative endeavors, inspiring awe and wonder with every beat and melody it conjures forth from the depths of its enigmatic soul.

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