Punk Labs OneTrick SIMIAN v2.0.1 [WiN]

OneTrick SIMIAN 2.0.0: The Ultimate 80s Drum Synth for Modern Producers
  • Publisher: Punk Labs
  • Product: OneTrick SIMIAN
  • Release: MOCHA
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Format: VST3/CLAP/SAL

Are you ready to inject some serious retro flavor into your tracks? Look no further than OneTrick SIMIAN 2.0.0, the open-source drum synthesizer that’s about to become your go-to plugin for crafting authentic 80s-inspired percussion. Whether you’re diving into synthwave, spicing up your nu-disco tracks, or just looking to add some vintage flair to your productions, this powerhouse drum synth has got you covered.

Key Features That Pack a Punch

  • Versatile Voice Arsenal: With 10 highly configurable voices, you can sculpt everything from thumping kicks and punchy snares to sizzling cymbals and crunchy claps.
  • Preset Paradise: Dive into 33 factory preset kits or create and save your own with the new tagging system for easy organization.
  • Dynamics That Deliver: Velocity-sensitive pitch, filter, and amp controls bring your beats to life with expressive playability.
  • Lo-Fi Charm: The EPROM-inspired cymbal sounds add that quintessential 80s grit to your hi-hats and rides.
  • Effects Galore: Gated reverb, per-voice and global saturation, and a 1176-style limiter with drive control let you shape your sound to perfection.
  • Flexibility in Routing: Choose between multi-out or stereo configurations to fit seamlessly into your mixing workflow.

What’s New in 2.0.0?

This major update is a complete rewrite, bringing exciting new features and improvements:

  • CLAP plugin format support for cutting-edge DAW integration
  • Enhanced preset management with editing and tagging
  • Chromatic MIDI Channels for expanded creative possibilities
  • Pitch wheel now controls decay, while the mod wheel adjusts filter cutoff
  • Improved reverb using Zita-Rev1 algorithm
  • Fully keyboard-navigable interface for speedy workflow

Why OneTrick SIMIAN 2.0.0 Deserves a Spot in Your Plugin Folder

  1. Authentic 80s Sound: Capture the essence of classic drum machines like the Simmons SDS-V with modern flexibility and control.
  2. Open Source Advantage: Peek under the hood, learn from the code, and even contribute improvements – perfect for curious producers and developers alike.
  3. No Strings Attached: With no DRM or telemetry, you can focus on making music without worrying about privacy or licensing headaches.
  4. Lightweight and Efficient: Optimized performance means you can run multiple instances without bogging down your system.
  5. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Available for Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 or later, with easy installation using the Qt Installer Framework.

Who Should Download OneTrick SIMIAN 2.0.0?

  • Synthwave and retrowave producers looking for authentic 80s drum sounds
  • Electronic musicians seeking unique, customizable percussion voices
  • Sound designers in need of a versatile drum synthesis tool
  • Producers who value open-source software and transparency

Getting Started is a Breeze

With improved documentation covering everything from basic navigation to advanced features like chromatic MIDI channels and multi-out bus layouts, you’ll be up and running in no time. The intuitive interface and preset browser make it easy to find inspiration or dial in your perfect sound quickly.

A Word of Caution

Note that this 2.0.0 release is not backward compatible with previous versions. However, you can install it alongside version 1.x, allowing you to transition your projects at your own pace.

The Bottom Line

OneTrick SIMIAN 2.0.0 is more than just a drum synth – it’s a time machine for your DAW. With its powerful features, authentic 80s sound, and open-source ethos, it’s an essential download for any producer looking to add some retro magic to their tracks. Don’t let your productions get stuck in the present – download OneTrick SIMIAN 2.0.0 today and start crafting beats that would make even the most jaded 80s drum machine jealous!

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