Raising Jake Studios MB-3X [WiN-OSX]

Publisher: Raising Jake Studios
Product: MB-3X
Version: 2.0.4 Incl Keygen-R2R
  • Publisher: Raising Jake Studios
  • Product: MB-3X
  • Version: 2.0.4 Incl Keygen-R2R

The MB3X Multi-Band Mastering Compressor is a plugin emulation of the hardware unit manufactured by Rocksonics Professional Audio in the mid 1990’s – with BONUS features only available in the plugin.

The MB3X is a mastering grade compressor/limiter with extremely low distortion and utmost musicality. The MB3X uses multiple layers of program-dependent RMS level detectors for smooth, low distortion “musical” results while being very simple to set up and operate. The compressor has three fixed bands of compression separated by unique, constant amplitude Bessel crossovers that produce minimal phase distortion and NO pre-ringing. A single Threshold control sets the nominal compression threshold point that can be individually trimmed for each band via unique “tilting” trim controls making it extremely fast to set up.

The MB3X plugin includes many features not part of the original hardware unit including:

A “Hilbert” control that reduces the THD of the compressor to inaudible levels over most of the audio range – for example, THD of a 35Hz sine wave at full compression is only 0.003% with Hilbert control engaged.
A/B memory recall of two different sets of settings. When a project is saved in a DAW BOTH sets of controls are saved allowing further “tweaking” at a later time if desired.
Wet/Dry Mix controls for both the compressor and overall process for blending the compressed signal with the original source signal for parallel compression techniques.
Variable Saturation control that adds a touch of harmonic distortion for added presence to the signal.
Switchable 1dB/2dB gain ranges for the gain reduction meters.
Automatic mono/stereo channel switching for reduced CPU load when used on mono tracks in mixing.

Version 2 now includes:

“1/2-rack stacked”, re-sizable GUI with automatic scaling for high DPI video monitors.
External Sidechain input.
Input level Trim control.
Separate Wet/Dry mix control for just the compressor section.
Variable Saturation with Drive and Post level controls.

The MB3X compressor can be used to automatically balance the audio spectrum in applications such as Web Radio or can be adjusted to preserve the source EQ balance when used in applications such as mastering. In either case, the compressor will bring out the details in the audio while controlling dynamics in a musically pleasing way for a “finished” sound.

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