Red Rock Sound BQ-A [WiN]

BQ-A 4-Band Equalizer VST plugin
  • Publisher: Red Rock Sound
  • Product: BQ-A 4-Band Equalizer
  • Release: BUBBiX
  • Version: 3.5.3
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX

Discover Red Rock Sound’s BQ-A: A versatile 4-band EQ plugin inspired by classic British hardware. Ideal for precise tonal shaping in stereo and immersive mixing environments.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital audio processing, Red Rock Sound’s BQ-A stands out as a powerful and flexible equalizer plugin that pays homage to the classic British EQs of the 1970s. This review will explore the features, sound quality, and potential applications of the BQ-A, helping producers and engineers determine if it’s the right tool for their mixing toolkit.

The BQ-A is a 4-band equalizer plugin that combines the character of vintage analog hardware with the convenience and flexibility of modern digital processing. Designed to emulate the sonic qualities of classic British EQs, this plugin offers a wide range of tonal variations, making it a versatile tool for various mixing and mastering tasks.

Key Features

Flexible 4-Band EQ Section

  • Low Filter (Shelf): 50, 80, 100, 150 Hz
  • Low-Mid Filter (Bell): 250, 500, 1k, 2k Hz
  • High-Mid Filter (Bell): 3k, 5k, 7k, 9k Hz
  • High Filter (Shelf): 8k, 10k, 12k, 15k Hz

Advanced Filtering Options

  • Three high pass filters at 18 dB per octave
  • Three low pass filters at 12 dB per octave
  • Unique simultaneous switch engagement for distinct filter combinations

Extended Functionality

  • Mid/Side processing capabilities
  • Stereo and immersive mixing support
  • Designed for efficiency in modern production workflows

Sound Quality

The BQ-A excels in delivering the warm, musical character associated with classic British EQs. Its ability to shape tone without introducing harshness or unwanted artifacts is particularly noteworthy. The plugin’s analog-style processing adds a subtle richness to the sound, enhancing the overall mix without overpowering the original audio material.

Key sonic characteristics include:

  • Smooth and musical high-end boost
  • Punchy and defined low-end control
  • Natural-sounding midrange adjustments

User Interface and Workflow

Red Rock Sound has designed the BQ-A with efficiency in mind. The user interface is clean and intuitive, closely resembling the layout of classic hardware EQs. This familiarity allows experienced engineers to feel immediately at home while remaining accessible to newcomers.

Notable UI features:

  • Clear visual representation of EQ curves
  • Easy-to-read parameter values
  • Responsive controls for precise adjustments

The plugin’s focus on fast, efficient workflow is evident in its layout and control scheme, making it an excellent choice for engineers working on time-sensitive projects or in live mixing scenarios.

Versatility and Applications

The BQ-A’s flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of audio processing tasks:


  • Precise tonal shaping of individual tracks
  • Bus processing for instrument groups
  • Overall mix balancing and enhancement


  • Subtle tonal adjustments to full mixes
  • Mid/Side processing for stereo image enhancement

Sound Design

  • Creative EQ effects using unique filter combinations
  • Character impartation on synthesized sounds

Immersive Audio

  • Tailored for use in object-based and bed-based immersive mixing environments

Performance and CPU Usage

The BQ-A is optimized for efficient CPU usage, allowing for multiple instances in complex mixing projects without significant system strain. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for producers working on laptops or less powerful systems.

Comparison to Hardware

While the BQ-A is inspired by classic hardware, it’s not a direct emulation of any single unit. Instead, it captures the essence of British EQ sound while offering extended features that go beyond the capabilities of its analog predecessors. This approach provides users with the best of both worlds: vintage character and modern flexibility.

Pros and Cons


  • Rich, musical EQ character
  • Flexible frequency selection for each band
  • Unique filter combination options
  • Efficient workflow design
  • Mid/Side processing capabilities
  • Suitable for immersive audio mixing


  • May have a slight learning curve for those unfamiliar with parametric EQs
  • Lacks some of the extreme sculpting capabilities of more surgical digital EQs
  • Purists might prefer direct hardware emulations for specific vintage sounds

Red Rock Sound’s BQ-A is a impressive equalizer plugin that successfully bridges the gap between vintage analog character and modern digital functionality. Its ability to deliver musical, natural-sounding tonal adjustments across a wide range of frequencies makes it a valuable tool for mixing and mastering engineers alike.

The plugin’s standout features, including its unique filter combinations and mid/side processing capabilities, set it apart from many competitors in its class. Furthermore, its optimization for immersive audio mixing positions it well for future-focused production environments.

While it may not replace highly specialized EQs for every task, the BQ-A’s versatility and efficiency make it an excellent go-to equalizer for a wide range of applications. Its intuitive interface and relatively gentle learning curve also make it accessible to both seasoned professionals and aspiring producers.

For those seeking a characterful, flexible EQ that can handle everything from subtle tonal shaping to more creative sound design, the Red Rock Sound BQ-A is certainly worth consideration. Its blend of classic sound and modern features makes it a valuable addition to any digital audio workstation, capable of enhancing mixes across various genres and production styles.

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