Red Rock Sound EQ3 6-Band Equalizer [WiN]

Red Rock Sound EQ3 6-Band Equalizer
  • Publisher: Red Rock Sound
  • Product: EQ3 6-Band Equalizer
  • Release: BUBBiX
  • Version: 3.5.3
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX

The Red Rock Sound EQ3 6-Band Equalizer is a unique and powerful plugin that brings the innovative summing bandpass approach of 1980s hardware equalizers into the digital realm. This versatile tool offers a fresh perspective on frequency manipulation, making it an attractive option for producers, mix engineers, and sound designers looking to add character and clarity to their tracks.

Key Features

  • Summing Bandpass Technology: Unlike traditional subtractive EQ, the EQ3 uses a summing approach, resulting in a more musical and less phase-distorted sound.
  • Six Overlapping Bands: Features five broad, interactive bands (10Hz, 40Hz, 160Hz, 650Hz, 2.5kHz) plus a high-frequency “rock band” for airy boosts.
  • Multiple EQ Units: Offers four serial EQ units, allowing for complex processing chains and mid-side techniques.
  • Flexible Channel Routing: Supports various channel configurations from stereo up to 7.1.4 and 9.1.6, with custom routing options available.
  • Solo and Bypass Functions: Easily isolate or disable individual EQ units for precise adjustments.

Sound Quality

The EQ3’s summing bandpass approach results in a notably smooth and musical sound. It excels at making broad, sweeping tonal adjustments without introducing harshness or unwanted artifacts. The high-frequency “rock band” is particularly effective for adding air and presence to tracks in a natural-sounding way.

User Experience

While the interface may initially seem complex, it offers incredible flexibility once mastered. The ability to rename and customize EQ units streamlines workflow in complex mixing scenarios. The learning curve might be steeper for those accustomed to traditional parametric EQs, but the unique approach encourages creative sound shaping.


The EQ3 shines in various applications:

  • Mixing: Ideal for broad tonal shaping of individual tracks or busses
  • Mastering: The gentle curve and minimal phase distortion make it suitable for master bus processing
  • Sound Design: The interactive bands allow for creating unique tonal colors
  • Post-Production: Multi-channel support caters to immersive audio workflows


Despite its complex processing, the EQ3 is optimized for efficient CPU usage. However, using multiple instances with full channel routing may be more demanding on some systems.

Ideal Users

  • Mix engineers seeking an alternative to traditional EQ approaches
  • Mastering engineers looking for transparent, musical tonal control
  • Sound designers in search of creative frequency-shaping tools
  • Post-production professionals working with immersive audio formats


  • Unique summing bandpass approach for musical results
  • Flexible channel routing for advanced stereo and surround processing
  • Interactive bands encourage creative sound shaping
  • Minimal phase distortion compared to traditional EQs


  • Steeper learning curve for users accustomed to traditional EQs
  • May be overkill for simple mixing tasks

The Red Rock Sound EQ3 6-Band Equalizer is a powerful and innovative tool that brings a fresh perspective to digital equalizing. Its summing bandpass technology and flexible routing options make it stand out in a crowded plugin market. While it may require some time to master, the EQ3 rewards users with a uniquely musical and versatile approach to frequency manipulation.

For audio professionals looking to expand their tonal palette beyond traditional EQs, the EQ3 offers a world of creative possibilities. Its ability to handle everything from subtle mastering tweaks to dramatic sound design makes it a valuable addition to any digital audio toolkit. Whether you’re working on stereo mixes or complex immersive audio projects, the EQ3 provides the tools to shape your sound with precision and musicality.

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