Red Rock Sound Passive EQ Collection [WiN]

Red Rock Sound Passive EQ Collection v1.0.0 MOCHA
  • Publisher: Red Rock Sound
  • Supplier: MOCHA
  • Product: Passive EQ Collection
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Format: VST2/VST3

The EQP-1A based on Classic Program Equalizer from the ’60s, original EQ is renowned for its unique ability to boost and cut the same frequencies simultaneously, thereby creating a resonant shelf, the EQP-1A faithfully models the overbuilt transformers and complex tube amplifiers of the original hardware.

The MEQ-5 based on Classic Mid-Range Equalizer from the ’70s, with two bands of midrange boost and one band of midrange dip, the MEQ-5 gets the very best out of the «power region» where guitars and vocals can make or break a mix.

The HLF-3C completes the Passive EQ Collection. This plug-in has 12 dB per octave low and high cut filters, providing broad retro-tonal sculpting or bygone-era special effects, without the inconvenience of insertion loss found with the unamplified passive hardware.

Save time and avoid tedious manual workarounds with Passive EQ Collection plug-in designed from the ground up for fast, efficient work on mid/side, stereo and the objects, the beds (fixed channels) of immersive mixing environments.

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