Roland Cloud JUNO-60 Chorus [WiN-OSX]

Publisher: Roland Cloud
Supplier: Team R2R & TRAZOR
Product: JUNO-60 CHORUS
Version: 1.0.2 & 1.0.0 [U2B]
  • Publisher: Roland Cloud
  • Supplier: Team R2R & TRAZOR
  • Product: JUNO-60 CHORUS
  • Version: 1.0.2 & 1.0.0 [U2B]

Roland’s JUNO-60 is a shining star in the vintage synth universe, heard on generations of famous tracks, and still loved by musicians and producers today. A huge slice of its timeless magic comes from an analog stereo chorus effect that imparts so much richness and character that players rarely turn it off. With the JUNO-60 Chorus plug-in, you can now infuse any DAW track with the evocative color of this iconic ’80s effect.

Roland’s signature effect.

Roland and its guitar products division BOSS are well known for introducing many influential effects to the music world. But perhaps none is more revered and imitated than the stereo chorus. Debuted in 1975 and evolved and refined over multiple generations, this Roland original continues to captivate with an uncanny ability to bring depth, dimension, and life to any sound source.

Secret sauce.

The lush stereo chorus effect in the JUNO-60 was specially tuned to enhance the synth’s single DCO, fat sub-oscillator, and characterful VCF. Players quickly found it to be an essential component of the JUNO’s unique voice, making it hit well above its weight and compete with more sophisticated—and much more expensive—multi-oscillator polysynths of the day.

Better is a press away.

The straightforward chorus section on the original JUNO-60 provides OFF, I, and II buttons—but OFF never gets much use. The first chorus mode adds a gentle shimmer to the sound, while the second offers a deeper, wider effect. Pressing the I and II buttons together calls up a “secret” third mode for exaggerated movement with a distinctive swirl.

The real deal.

The JUNO-60 Chorus delivers the elegant simplicity of the original effect in a genuine Roland plug-in for your favorite DAW. Each of the three chorus modes is modeled in meticulous detail, complete with variable analog noise for the full retro experience. The vintage JUNO vibe is carried on further with graphics that reflect the synth’s iconic panel and oh-so-cool wood side panels.

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- Loads faster and uses less resources than legit version.
- Authorization thread is removed which is always running to communicate with service and check the auth.
- No Roland Cloud Manager dependency.
- No Roland Cloud Manager callings, which is good if you are a legit Roland Cloud user.
- Custom plugin wrappers to make your plugins folder clean and avoid file duplications.

- All official preset banks are included.
- Names of preset bank files are formatted unlike original Roland Cloud installation.
- Our release does not have no-factory-presets-issue which exists in some of Roland Cloud plugins.

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