Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A [WiN-MAC]

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor VST plugin
  • Publisher: Shadow Hills Industries
  • Product: Shadow Hills – Mastering Compressor Class A
  • Release: BUBBiX — MORiA
  • Version: 1.4.1 1.5.1 U2B
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX/AU

The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A by Brainworx is a remarkable piece of VST plugin that brings the coveted sound of high-end analog compression into the digital realm.

Step into the world of elite audio compression with the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A, a plugin that redefines the boundaries between analog warmth and digital convenience.

An Elite Upgrade for Mastering Professionals

The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A is not just an emulation; it’s an exclusive upgrade to one of the most prestigious hardware compressors available today. Limited to only 50 units in its hardware form, this plugin version extends the reach of its legendary sound to a wider audience.

Enhanced Features for Superior Sound

  • Class A Discrete Compression: Offers a smoother and more refined compression character.
  • TMT Modeling: Patented technology that provides a more authentic analog experience.
  • Versatile Modes: Stereo, dual-mono, and M/S modes cater to various mastering needs.
  • Two-Stage Compression: Optical and Discrete sections for complex dynamic shaping.
  • Switchable Output Transformers: Nickel, Iron, and Steel options for tonal variety.

The Brainworx Touch Brainworx has added exclusive features to the Class A version, including:

  • Mid-Side Processing: For detailed stereo imaging adjustments.
  • Mono-Maker: To solidify bass frequencies in the center.
  • Stereo Width: For expanding or narrowing the stereo field.
  • Parallel Mix: Blending the compressed and dry signals for dynamic control.
  • Sidechain Filter: To tailor the compressor’s response to specific frequency ranges.

A Sonic Comparison

When compared to the original Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, the Class A version stands out with its punchier VCA and more pronounced sonic dimension. It’s been observed to deliver a richer tone, making it a preferred choice for mastering applications.

The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A is a testament to Brainworx’s commitment to quality and innovation. It offers audio professionals a tool that is both punchier and more versatile than its predecessor, providing an alternate flavor that enriches the mastering process. Whether you’re working on the drum buss or the master channel, this plugin is sure to leave a lasting impression with its fuller, more dynamic sound.

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