Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor v1.5.1 U2B [MAC]

Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor
  • Publisher: Shadow Hills Industries
  • Product: Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • Release: MORiA
  • Version: 1.5.1 U2B
  • Format: AU/VST/VST3

If you’re looking for one of the most musical and versatile compressor plugins for mastering or bus compression, the Brainworx Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor should be at the top of your list. This meticulous emulation of the legendary hardware unit captures every nuance that has made it a go-to tool for top mastering engineers and mix artists.

What Makes It So Special?

The key advantage of the Shadow Hills compressor is its dual compression sections – optical and discrete VCA. The optical section provides classic LA-2A style compression for shaping your dynamics transparently. The discrete VCA section allows precise control over ratio, attack and release settings.

Using both sections together lets you exert unparalleled command over your dynamics, from subtle glue to aggressive pumping. It tames even the most chaotic transients with amazing tone and precision.

Tone for Days

Part of what makes the Shadow Hills so revered is its outstanding analog warmth and character. The plugin flawlessly captures this through its trio of transformer options – nickel, iron and steel. Each imparts its own distinct flavor and harmonic qualities.
The nickel transformer is smooth and polished, great for open mixes. The iron option adds a touch of color and low-end boost. And the steel setting is ultra-detailed with a punchy low-end – perfect for rock.

Plugin Enhancements

As if the exacting hardware emulation wasn’t enough, Brainworx added some clever extra features. The parallel mix control allows blending the compressed and dry signals. The sidechain filter prevents low frequencies from triggering compression for tighter mixes. And you can use an external sidechain for creative effects.

Impeccable Mastering Tool

Whether you’re mastering, or using it on mix busses, aux tracks, or individual sources, the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is simply incredible. Its versatility, tone, and unique dual compression design make it an indispensable tool that has stood the test of time on countless seminal rock, pop and indie records.

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