Singomakers Ear Candy [WiN]

Ear Candy is a multi-effect VST plugin by Singomakers
  • Publisher: Singomakers
  • Product: Ear Candy
  • Release: KNTL
  • Version: 1.0.17
  • Format: VST3

For producers and musicians seeking an inspiring suite of effects to sweeten their tracks, Singomakers’ aptly named Ear Candy plugin provides an entire multi-effects playground. This versatile processor packs reverbs, delays, EQs, compressors, modulation effects, distortions, and more into one powerful yet intuitive package.

An Effects Smorgasbord

At the core of Ear Candy lies a fully re-orderable modular effects chain that allows you to arrange up to 8 effect modules in any sequence you desire. This unique routing flexibility ensures you can precisely sculpt the perfect effects recipe tailored to each individual track or bus.

The diverse effect module selection covers all the bases – from lush studio-grade reverbs and detailed multi-tap delays to precise parametric and dynamic EQs. Modulation candy like phasers, flangers, and filters add delectable movement and spatial processing.
To push things further, you also get aggressive waveshapers, bitcrushers, amp simulators and creative distortion options. Complete dynamics control comes via Ear Candy’s transparent compressors.

Presets to Inspire

While Ear Candy’s module routing and parameters provide unlimited creative potential, Singomakers didn’t stop there. They filled this multi-effect plugin with 100 thoughtfully-crafted presets to kickstart your explorations.

These inspirational starting points make it easy to quickly audition different effects chains and macro adjustments that you may not have dialed in yourself. Once you’ve found something you like, tweak away and make it your own.

Easy to Visualize and Customize

Ear Candy’s clean, unified interface keeps all the modular routing and effect controls organized and readily accessible – no menu diving required. See the entire effects chain mapped out graphically to maintain a clear headspace for creative foccus.
Parameters can be easily assigned to macro controls for future tweaking or performance automation. Bypass individual modules with a click or use the global bypass to A/B effect processing with the original track.

The Perfect Effects Condiment

Whether adding lush dimension to vocals, gritty aggression to drums, or simply ear-catching movement to musical elements, Ear Candy makes effects processing intuitive and fun. With its flexibile routing, dynamic effects modules, and inspirational presets, this multi-effects plugin is a surefire way to add delicious flavor to your mixes and productions.

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