SKnote Percolate [WiN]

SKnote Audio Percolate stereo tube amplifier VST2
  • Publisher: SKnote Audio
  • Supplier: MOCHA
  • Product: Percolate
  • Version: 1.0 2018
  • Format: VST2

Percolate, a stereo tube amplifier, is meticulously designed with a comprehensive modeling approach that encompasses every individual component within its circuitry.

This amplifier boasts a two-stage configuration, complete with input and output transformers, a preamplifier stage, tone control, power push-pull stage, and an output mix control for wet-dry blending.

There are two distinct output taps available: one from the preamplifier stage and another from the power stage. The preamplifier stage requires a higher input level to achieve saturation, resulting in a crisp and dynamic saturation. On the other hand, the power stage offers a richer and smoother saturation characteristic.

When it comes to transformers, Percolate offers two options for the input transformer: transparent and iron. The transparent option provides minimal coloration to the sound, while the iron option imparts a significant amount of color.

Similarly, there are two choices for the output transformer: hi-fidelity and iron. The hi-fidelity transformer ensures accurate reproduction across all frequency ranges, while the iron transformer delivers a notable impact on the low-frequency spectrum.

Let’s explore the various controls that Percolate provides:

Input Gain: This control allows you to adjust the signal level entering the tube amplifier. It can be used for both attenuation and boosting purposes. Importantly, this control exclusively affects the signal going into the tube amplifier and not the dry component accessible through the Mix control.

Tone Control: The Tone control influences the signal passing through the tube circuitry without affecting the dry signal. By combining this control with the Mix control, you can precisely shape the sound of your processed track to achieve your desired sonic character.

Input Meters: Percolate features separate left and right level meters that serve as references when setting the amount of saturation. Experimenting with different input levels allows you to establish reference points for both the preamplifier and power stage output taps.

Mix Screw: The Mix screw enables you to blend the processed and dry signals, which are sample-aligned. This control plays a crucial role in achieving the optimal final result by effectively mixing the two signal versions.

Volume Control: Acting as an overall output gain control, the Volume control allows you to adjust the amplifier’s output level. It is important to note that this control is bypassed when the Power switch is turned off.

Power Switch: The Power switch serves as a bypass for the entire system. When turned off, it disengages the amplifier, allowing for a direct signal path.

With its meticulous design and comprehensive set of controls, Percolate offers a versatile and powerful stereo tube amplifier solution for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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