SongWish reMIDI 3 [WiN]

reMIDI 3 is a VST plugin for MIDI manipulation
  • Publisher: SongWish
  • Product: reMIDI 3
  • Release: MOCHA
  • Version: 3.0.0
  • Format: VST2/VST3

For music producers, composers, and digital musicians seeking a powerful tool to streamline their MIDI workflow, SongWish reMIDI 3 stands out as an exceptional choice. This review explores the advanced features and enhancements that make reMIDI 3 a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their MIDI composition capabilities.

Revolutionizing MIDI Composition

SongWish reMIDI 3 is designed as a comprehensive MIDI sampler, allowing users to browse, preview, and perform MIDI sequences seamlessly within their DAW environment. This latest iteration builds on the success of reMIDI 2, introducing several innovative features aimed at improving user experience and creative potential.

Enhanced User Interface

One of the most significant upgrades in reMIDI 3 is the Enhanced User Interface. The redesigned interface is crisp, clean, and optimized for a smooth workflow, ensuring that every tool and feature is easily accessible. This intuitive layout allows musicians to focus more on their creative process and less on navigating the software.

2D Browsing Experience

The 2D Browsing Experience is a game-changer for navigating through MIDI clips. Users can search up and down through files and left and right through slices, making it faster and more intuitive to find the perfect MIDI sequence. This innovative approach significantly reduces the time spent searching for the right part, enhancing overall productivity.


The Previewer is an interactive space where users can audition, fine-tune, and drag-and-drop MIDI sequences directly into a pad. This feature ensures that users can select the perfect MIDI sequence for their project, providing a visual and interactive way to manage MIDI clips.

Polyphonic Pad Grid

The Polyphonic Pad Grid transforms a MIDI controller into a dynamic performance tool, allowing for polyphonic MIDI input to control up to 16 voices simultaneously. This feature is perfect for adding layers and dimensions to your sound on-the-fly, making live performances and complex arrangements more manageable and expressive.

Piano Roll Editor

The Piano Roll Editor in reMIDI 3 provides precise control over MIDI sequences, allowing for detailed adjustments to notes and expressions. This tool ensures that every aspect of a composition can be fine-tuned to perfection, making it ideal for meticulous composers and producers.

Utility Tool

The Utility Tool streamlines the workflow by offering various functions to adjust pitch, shift channels, tweak velocities, and stretch time. This versatile tool ensures that every note and beat is perfectly aligned with the user’s creative vision, enhancing the overall production quality.

Harmony Tool (Chord Completion)

The Harmony Tool, featuring the Chord Completion function, is like having a musical mentor at your fingertips. It suggests chord progressions and harmonies, expanding the user’s musical vocabulary and adding depth to compositions. The included Harmony Sets, such as SongWish’s Bach Chorale and Neo-Soul Harmony Sets, provide a rich foundation for creating complex musical arrangements.

Strum Tool

The Strum Tool emulates the natural strumming motion of a guitar, adding realism to MIDI sequences. This feature brings MIDI compositions to life, making them feel more organic and expressive.

Melody Tool

The Melody Tool is designed to transform simple chord progressions into intricate melodic lines, helping users craft captivating melodies and hooks. This feature is perfect for adding a unique flair to compositions, making them stand out in any genre.

Humanize Tool

The Humanize Tool adds subtle timing and velocity variations to MIDI notes, mimicking the imperfections of a live performance. This feature adds authenticity to MIDI sequences, making them sound more natural and engaging.

Quantize Tool

The Quantize Tool ensures that MIDI notes align precisely with the desired timing grid. This feature is essential for creating tight, on-the-beat sequences or correcting timing inconsistencies in recorded performances, ensuring a polished final product.

SongWish reMIDI 3 is a powerful and versatile MIDI composition assistant that offers a wide range of features to enhance the creative process. Its enhanced user interface, innovative browsing experience, and comprehensive suite of tools make it an indispensable addition to any music producer’s arsenal. Whether you are crafting intricate compositions or performing live, reMIDI 3 provides the flexibility and precision needed to bring your musical ideas to life.

For those looking to download a cutting-edge MIDI tool that combines ease of use with advanced functionality, SongWish reMIDI 3 is the ultimate choice.

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