Sonic Academy ANA 2.5 [OSX]

Publisher: Sonic Academy
Product: ANA 2.5
Version: 2.5.0 U2B-TRAZOR
Format: AU/VST3/VSTi
  • Publisher: Sonic Academy
  • Product: ANA 2.5
  • Version: 2.5.0 U2B-TRAZOR
  • Format: AU/VST3/VSTi

It’s finally here! The biggest upgrade to ANA 2 since it’s launch and this game-changing synth has begun a whole new chapter. It’s time to meet ANA 2.5! Now including multisampling across three oscillators with velocity layer control and new Oscillator Drift and Filter Gain functions, over these videos we’ll show you how you can make the most of this new update giving you endless possibilities in sound design.

The world’s best synth just got better!

Completely redesigned from the group up, ANA returns to the scene stronger than ever. Our highly anticipated launch is finally here! We have spent copious amounts of time rebuilding and redesigning every nook and cranny of ANA to create a beatifuly elligant and powerful synth. One that is super simple to use but with an extensive toolset to allow you to create complex and interesting sounds if you want to get your hands dirty.

Contemporary Sound Design Through Modern Synthesis

Powerful 6 voice synthesiser with immaculate sound. Complete sonic toolkit includes Chord Memory Device, 64-step Polyphonic Arpeggiator, Analog-Modelled filters, 26 FX Units, 3 Multisamplers with full velocity layer control, 3 Wavetable Oscillators all with Analog Pitch Drift control Explore 500 presets, each with 4 macros intelligently mapped to multiple parameters

A Cult Hero Reborn

The successor to an underground icon, ANA2 is already a firm favourite of sound designers and producers worldwide. Discover a host of creative tools in a scalable and retina-ready GUI, and tweak 500+ presets with 4 intelligently-mapped macros. Master a true behemoth of synthesis with 5 Hours of free tutorials from artists and experts that showcase the countless sonic possibilities of ANA 2.

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