Sound Particles Air [WiN]

VST for creating realistic distance effects
  • Publisher: Sound Particles
  • Supplier: TeamCubeadooby
  • Product: Air
  • Version: 1.1.9
  • Format: VST3/AAX

Air is a versatile VST plugin designed for any DAW, offering precise high-frequency attenuation to simulate distance in your audio. Whether you’re working with sound effects, mixing, automated dialogue replacement (ADR), or music production, Air’s one-knob solution makes it easy to add depth and realism to your sounds. It excels in reinventing sound effects, enhancing mixes, and achieving natural distance effects for ADR.

Air Features:

  • Sound Effects: Quickly transform sound effects by adding depth and distance, eliminating the need to re-record everything.
  • Mixing: Simulate the distance of any sound accurately with a single knob, applying the necessary EQ and distance attenuation for lifelike sonic events.
  • Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR): Overcome the challenge of making ADR sound natural by using Air to achieve a realistic distance effect.
  • Music Production: Enhance your music projects by allowing instruments to breathe and mixes to shine with Air’s straightforward plugin.
  • Several Locations: Air includes temperature and humidity settings from various global locations, with the option to input custom values.
  • Perfect Result: Air goes beyond a simple low-pass filter, employing scientifically measured frequency response values for accurate air dampening.
  • Frequency Response: Visualize the actual frequency response being applied to your sound with Air’s frequency response display.
  • Distance Attenuation: Control volume over distance using the Distance Attenuation parameter.
  • World Units: Choose between Imperial and Metric units (e.g., meters/feet, mph/km/h) for a more accessible workflow.
  • Control Surfaces: Integrate Air with control surfaces like AVID S6 for efficient parameter editing.

Whether you’re creating immersive soundscapes or refining the details of your audio, Air offers a powerful solution to add realism and depth to your projects.

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