SoundSpot Mercury Bundle (Win)

SoundSpot Mercury Bundle (Win)
  • SoundSpot
  • Mercury Bundle
  • 2019.6
  • x32/x64

SoundSpot has propelled the Mercury Bundle, the entire assortment of every of the 21 SoundSpot modules. Attack twisting, Hiku acing impact, FireFly transport blower then on.

Mercury Bundle


Get warmed overdrive with included life and development – look over six forms of twisting, shape your sign with separating and gain, and adjust the outcomes with uniquely drawn LFO shapes.


Punch, Warmth and Presence, during a flash.

Give your lords, transports or individual tracks additional clean with this savvy impact. HIKU may have three controls, yet within the engine, there’s a precise blend of handling custom-made to incorporate warmth, force and clearness to any sound sign.


FireFly may be a leading edge style transport blower with adaptable choices to upgrade your track’s homeless people and system picture. Furthermore, it includes a sidechain channel for compacting follows boisterous kick and bass parts, and a straightforward mode that presents non-straight colouration for warmth even as versatile clamor age for character and saw tumult. With its different left and right wave and reduce diagram, FireFly gives you an adaptable and instinctive method for compacting gatherings of instruments or your whole blend in with ease.

Prophet Reverb

The Oracle may be a one stop look for all of your imaginative reverb needs and may be utilized on any stable source to extraordinary impact. From adding a sense of profundity to piano tunes to creating orchestrated soundscapes sound immense, the Oracle has it secured.


Glitch may be a fx module that enables you to carry mood and development to your blends, including a host-adjusted daze door and multi-tab delay, and also the mark ‘glitch’ impact that musically modifies the playback speed of your track continuously. This mixture of impacts enables you to rapidly make fascinating vocal-slashes and present day syncopated beats, or change any track into a practically unrecognizable musical blend component, taking into consideration new and unforeseen flavors.


Conundrum may be a multi-fx module that has a propelled push-pull equalizer and a variable RMS-time equal blower, both contribution system, mid and side choices. Its cunning sign way has an amazingly articulated character and enables you to prolong specific components in your blends in with staggering simplicity.


The new MSW2 may be a finished update as far as code, interface and imagination, it tends to be utilized both inconspicuously for better blends, or pushed to the extraordinary to accomplish an outsized group of innovative prospects within the system field.


Cloud may be a multi-fx module that highlights Stereo Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Filter and LFO segments that may be utilized to feature genuine sonic frenzy to your music.

Maverick Mini

The Renegade Mini is meant to allow you to rapidly improve your basslines, and is very valuable in present day move music creation.


Presenting the Axis… The Axis may be a blend of two of their most famous modules, the MSW1 and Propane with the expansion of a fresh out of the box new upwards and downwards blower that’s equipped for double directional pressure which may be both unobtrusive and fierce. Be that because it may, it doesn’t end there! We’ve made the complete unit multiband, for unlimited authority over the approaching sign, permitting you to manage the sound to urge punch, lucidity, depression or shimmer without the requirement to pile up a massive number of individual modules.


The Orbit may be a straightforward and light-weight device that may help support your drifters and add chomp to your blends, and while the interface can be essential, don’t let that fool you, within the engine you’ll locate the equivalent DSP utilized in our Velo limiter, making the Orbit, an improbable little instrument to feature to your module weapons store.


The last module to hit your blend will very often be a limiter, and utilizing the proper limiter for the activity is critical to getting the effect your music merits. The Velo may be a block divider limiter for expanding clamor, that highlights various choices to impact colouration and transient protection. As Velo’s versatile discharge makes the module respond rapidly to the approaching sign, it an appropriate limiter for acing any form of rhythmical music with articulated homeless people, and for transport handling thumps, drums and rhythmical bass, guitar and synth parts.


The Halcyon flaunts an amazing measure of control, permitting you to actually tailor the sound of your consonant immersion. From smooth tape to warm cylinder and everything within the middle of, the Halcyon can breath life into your creations and make them sound awesome.


As usual, the SoundSpot® group needed to form a very assorted item that would be utilized irrespective of how you take a look at it from blending through to acing, while likewise adding an unmistakable character to the sound whenever required.

In light of this, the Cyclone was conceived… A blower sufficiently various to stay sub gatherings, add section to percussion, warm up synths and guitars, and include the last pinch of enchantment at the acing stage. Additionally our calculation and code are so exact and explicit to the work eager to be done, that the Cyclone is overly light on your CPU, which suggests you’ll run numerous occasions effortlessly.


The KickBox is intended in step with simple channels and isolates the pertinent recurrence runs during a straightforward manner. KickBox can assist you with getting your kicks sounding amazingly tight during a matter of only a pair of snaps.


At SoundSpot® we perceived that numerous product EQ’s are exclusively centered around being as straightforward as would be prudent and keeping in mind that straightforwardness is definitely a temperance from time to time, we felt that the radiance and noteworthy character that boutique equipment includes wasn’t being conveyed within the product domain.


An even electronic equipment picture is basic in any blend. With customary panning in any case, the alternatives for putting a trendyelectronic equipment track within the electronic equipment field are constrained. Propane gives you the selection to dish the mid sign independently from the side sign of a electronic equipment track. Along these lines you’ll situate the mono piece of your track within the electronic equipment field as you want, and utilize the side data to shape the width and electronic equipment picture of the track.


Center deals with all the wizardry within the background, making this psychoacoustic handling chain while keeping the impact mono-good.


Permeate utilizes simple demonstrated channels that different the applicable recurrence goes in an exceptionally straightforward manner, and could be utilized in mix with our KickBox module to focus normally drum or percussion area in your blend.


Lead vocals are frequently the foremost major factor during a mix. to induce lead vocals to leap out of a mixture and not get covered within the music, the simplest way called ‘vocal thickening’ is employed generally during the business. Generally this procedure requires different channels and modules to accomplish the proper outcomes. When structuring VoxBox nonetheless, our point was to make a module that streamlines the vocal thickening procedure, without selecting quality. VoxBox encourages you broaden and thicken your lead vocals during a basic and instinctive manner, while being light on your CPU and keeping your blending chain straightforward.

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