SPL Bundle 2024 [MAC]

Sound Performance Lab (SPL) VST plugin Bundle
  • Publisher: Sound Performance Lab
  • Product: SPL Bundle
  • Release: HCiSO
  • Version: 2024.05.15
  • Requirements: macOS 10.14 or later

For over 35 years, SPL has been renowned for developing innovative, high-quality analog audio gear embraced by top professionals worldwide. Now the iconic German brand has teamed up with Brainworx to offer their prestigious processors in plugin form with the stellar SPL Bundle.

This authoritative collection gives you classic SPL sound in a convenient software suite, perfect for studios looking to imbue their mixes with true analog character and vibe. From surgical transient shapers and de-essers to tone-shaping compressors and enhancers, the SPL Bundle covers all your mixing and mastering needs.

Flagship Level Processors

The crown jewel is the Transient Designer, SPL’s pioneering dynamics processor that allows precise control over a signal’s attack and sustain. De-ess sibilance issues with surgical precision using the De-Esser. Inject life into tracks with the mythical Vitalizer’s psycho-acoustic enhancement.

On the compression front, you get the ultra-musical Iron mastering compressor and the multi-band MB Compressor. The PAN-CENTRIC auto-panner adds rhythmic movement, while the PASSEQ passive EQ imparts wonderfully rich saturation and tone.

Studio Monitoring Tools

The bundle also includes powerful metering utilities like the geeky Hawk Eye analyzer and the brilliant SPL Montor Controller software for calibrating studio monitors.

For drums, the innovative DrumXchanger lets you easily replace and layer samples while capturing the original performance. A huge (14GB!) drum sample library covering kicks, snares, toms, cymbals and more is included.

Brainworx Studio Quality

Using their world-class modeling expertise, including proprietary TMT sampling behavior, Brainworx has meticulously captured every nuance of SPL’s legendary hardware in these flawless plugin recreations.

With an attractive crossgrade discount for SPL hardware owners, this bundle makes the brand’s signature sonics more accessible than ever before. Stop dreaming of owning SPL gear and scoring that iconic analog tone. With the SPL Bundle, you can get it all with powerful, studio-ready processors for all your mixing and mastering demands.

SPL Bundle 2024 includes:

  • SPL Attacker Plus 1.9.1 – Punch up attacks w/ Transient Designer Technology
  • SPL De-Esser Collection 1.15.1 – The SPL De-Esser collection kicks “Ess”
  • SPL De-Verb Plus 1.9.1 – Reduce reverb & room tone quickly & easily
  • SPL DrumXchanger 1.15.1 – Easy & precise real-time drum replacement
  • SPL EQ Ranger Plus 1.9.1 – 181 Genre & Instrument-specific EQ Modules + Tons of Presets
  • SPL Free Ranger 1.18.1 – Simple, sounds great and free
  • SPL HawkEye 1.1.0 – A High-Precision Audio Metering Suite
  • SPL IRON 1.6.1 – Powerfully rich Vari-Mu compression for mastering—and for your mix
  • SPL Mo-Verb Plus 1.9.1 – Extend room tone/reverb with a single knob
  • SPL Passeq 1.15.1 – The most powerful passive EQ on the planet
  • SPL PQ 1.2.1 – High headroom analog mastering EQ with proportional Q for exacting performance
  • SPL Transient Designer Plus 1.10.1 – The King of Level-Independent Transient Tools. Evolved
  • SPL TwinTube 1.18.1 – Warm Tube Tone for your DAW
  • SPL Vitalizer MK2-T 1.18.1 – The classic unmasking EQ

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