Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 11 [WiN-MAC]

SpectraLayers Pro 11 - The Spectral Audio Editing Workstation
  • Publisher: Steinberg
  • Product: SpectraLayers Pro 11
  • Release: P2P (Incl V.R)
  • Version: 11.0.0 Incl V.R Unlocker

Steinberg has released a major update to its flagship spectral editing software, SpectraLayers Pro 11. This powerful audio software allows you to visualize, edit and process audio on the spectral domain with surgical precision. Version 11 introduces many new features and workflow enhancements that make it an even more formidable audio editing and sound design tool.

One of the biggest new additions is the Modules Panel, which consolidates all SpectraLayers’ processing effects into a dedicated window. This makes it much easier to configure and chain different processes together into a custom workflow. You can now create Module Chains that string together multiple spectral processes, with the ability to batch process audio files.

Speaking of processes, there are several new and improved processes in version 11. This includes an AI-powered Voice DeClip algorithm to reduce clipping artifacts on speech recordings. There are also new unmixing processes for extracting vocals, removing crowd noise, and splitting the mid and side components of stereo recordings.

SpectraLayers’ legendary unmixing capabilities have been further enhanced as well. The new Unmix Chorus process can separate lead and backing vocals, while the core Unmix Song process delivers cleaner vocal and instrument stems thanks to improved AI models.

Another extremely useful new feature is the Loop Preview functionality. This allows you to loop and audition a selection while tweaking the myriad processing parameters in real-time – a hugely productive workflow for sound design.

On the creative front, version 11 adds new spectral transfer brushes for drawing audio from one layer to another. There’s also a new transient pencil for manually drawing in transients. You can even import your own impulse responses to use as sound sources.

As before, SpectraLayers provides deep control over the shaping of audio through precise editing of the spectral data. You can surgically draw in or remove audio components using high-quality resynythesis. The software offers total manipulation of characteristics like amplitude, transients, harmonics and more.

Other highlights include AI-assisted speech and music repair processes, granular pitch and time controls, flexible modules/snapshots workflow, and ARA integration with Cubase/Nuendo.

While SpectraLayers Pro 11 is incredibly powerful, it does come with a steep learning curve given its vast depth. This is a tool meant for professional studios, post-production facilities, and advanced sound designers willing to go deep.

Overall, SpectraLayers Pro 11 raises the bar for what’s possible in spectral audio editing. Its combination of state-of-the-art AI processes and precision editing controls enable audio professionals to reshape sound itself like never before. Whether repairing and restoring audio or designing completely new sounds from scratch, this is an essential tool that belongs in any high-end studio’s arsenal.

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