Synapse Audio The Legend HZ [WiN]

Hans Zimmer synth VST plugin
  • Publisher: Synapse Audio
  • Product: The Legend HZ
  • Release: V.R
  • Version: 2.0 CE Rev3

In the ever-evolving landscape of music production and film scoring, few names carry as much weight as Hans Zimmer. The maestro behind iconic scores for “Inception,” “The Lion King,” and “The Dark Knight” has now lent his genius to Synapse Audio’s latest offering: The Legend HZ. This isn’t just another virtual analog synth; it’s a paradigm shift in what’s possible within the realm of software synthesis.

Building upon the solid foundation of its predecessor, The Legend, this new iteration transcends mere emulation. The Legend HZ is not just a recreation of a classic synth; it’s the result of a symbiotic collaboration between a titan of film composition and the meticulous engineers at Synapse Audio. The outcome? A virtual instrument that doesn’t just mimic analog warmth but captures the very essence of cinematic sound design.

At its core, The Legend HZ boasts an analog-modeled engine that showcases Synapse Audio’s commitment to precision. With 8x oversampling, the sonic fidelity is staggering. Each of the six (yes, six!) high-quality VA oscillators behaves with an authenticity that will make even the most discerning analog purist nod in approval. This expanded oscillator section, coupled with selectable polyphony modes (Unison, Mono, 4-, 8-, and 12-voice), provides a palette vast enough for everything from monumental film cues to intricate sound design.

But The Legend HZ isn’t just about raw sound generation. It’s a playground for modulation and expression. The newly introduced modulation matrix and Multi-Stage Envelope Generator (MSEG) offer a level of control that feels almost organic. It’s as if the synth intuitively understands your sonic intentions. Add to this the MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support, and you have an instrument that responds to the nuances of your performance with breathtaking realism.

One standout feature that truly sets The Legend HZ apart is the fixed filter bank, modeled after Hans Zimmer’s personal Vintage 914. This isn’t just any piece of gear; it’s a rare artifact from Zimmer’s own arsenal. The inclusion of this filter bank is akin to having a piece of film scoring history at your fingertips. The tonal shaping possibilities are immense, allowing you to craft sounds that resonate with the grandeur of a blockbuster score.

The onboard 32-step sequencer is another game-changer. It’s not just a basic pattern generator; it’s a compositional tool that can breathe life into arpeggios, create evolving textures, or drive complex rhythmic elements. Coupled with the comprehensive effects section, which includes everything from lush reverbs to gritty distortions, The Legend HZ can take you from subtle atmospheric pads to searing lead lines without ever leaving the plugin.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect for aspiring composers is the factory preset library. Crafted by the legendary Hans Zimmer himself, alongside expert sound designer Kevin Schroeder, these 200 presets are more than just starting points. They’re a masterclass in cinematic sound design. Each patch offers a glimpse into the thought process of a composer who has defined modern film music.

In terms of compatibility, Synapse Audio has left no stone unturned. Available in VST, Audio Unit, and AAX formats, and with Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) support, The Legend HZ integrates seamlessly into any professional workflow. Whether you’re scoring in Logic Pro, crafting sound design in Ableton, or mixing in Pro Tools, this synth feels right at home.

To sum up, The Legend HZ by Synapse Audio is more than just another virtual analog synth; it’s a bridge between the raw power of analog circuitry and the boundless creativity of modern film composition. It offers the warmth and character of classic hardware with the flexibility and precision that only software can provide. For composers, producers, and sound designers who demand nothing less than cinematic excellence, The Legend HZ isn’t just recommended—it’s essential. In a world saturated with virtual instruments, this collaboration between Hans Zimmer and Synapse Audio stands as a testament to what’s possible when technical brilliance meets artistic vision. Download it, and prepare to score your own legends.

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