Tac System ONKIO Acoustics [WiN]

ONKIO Acoustics is a reverb VST plugin
  • Publisher: Tac System
  • Product: ONKIO Acoustics
  • Release: R2R
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Format: VST3/AU/AAX

For artists and engineers who crave that elusive “magic” studio sound, Tac System has delivered a truly innovative reverb plugin with ONKIO Acoustics. Utilizing groundbreaking VSVerb technology, it faithfully reproduces the renowned acoustics and ambience of the legendary ONKIO HAUS studio in Japan.

What sets ONKIO Acoustics apart is the meticulous sampling and modeling approach behind VSVerb. Rather than standard convolution reverbs based on impulse responses, VSVerb analyzes and recreates the spatial distribution of virtual sound sources that make up a room’s reflections. The result is an astoundingly accurate and natural reverb tail with exceptional sound quality.

The ONKIO HAUS studio has attained an almost mythical status among recording engineers and musicians for its incredible room acoustics praised in the 2020 documentary “ONKIO HAUS Melody-Go-Round.” With VSVerb under the hood, ONKIO Acoustics genuinely captures the magic of those studio spaces that have made countless iconic records over the decades.

Beyond the sonic authenticity, a major advantage of VSVerb is the ability to finely adjust various acoustic parameters like decay time, density, and more to sculpt the perfect ambience. High signal-to-noise performance ensures a clean, uncolored reverb without muddiness.

Cross-platform compatibility with AAX, VST, and AU formats allows ONKIO Acoustics to integrate seamlessly into any major DAW environment on Windows or Mac. And with sampling data included for two distinct studio rooms at ONKIO HAUS, you get exquisite versatility.

For mixing engineers chasing that perfect third room ambience or producers looking to imbue tracks with the vibe of a historic studio, ONKIO Acoustics represents a true achievement in reverb emulation. Its unique technology allows you to authentically reproduce the stunning acoustics that have made ONKIO HAUS legendary.

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