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TC Electronic Finalizer
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TC Electronic Finalizer is a next generation mastering environment for Windows.

Take your music to the next level with our powerful range of EQs, compressors, limiters and spatial tools. And view your tracks like you’ve never seen them before with the dynamics, loudness and frequencies across your entire song in a single view.

The distance between your mix and final master has never been shorter!

TC Electronic Finalizer Ace of Mastering

Drawing on a long convention of acclaimed dynamic preparing and sound estimating, Finalizer accompanies its own novel secret stash. TC Electronic’s decade-long responsibility to planning the best devices for music acing has brought about an index of developments, that have become industry principles – from the mysterious System 6000 to present day studio works of art like the Clarity M equipment meter. With its game-changing visual methodology and incredible scope of changed, improved and notable calculations, Finalizer is your new one-quit acing arrangement.

In a Single View

The inventive SPECTRO LAB diagram highlights three distinct readouts that give itemized and helpful data about your track, and help you in settling on quick and exact acing choices. The never observed Spectral Dynamic Contour (patent pending) shows you the dynamic and otherworldly attributes of the whole track initially. The high-accuracy Real Time Spectrum gives ghastly subtleties to a fast perception of the constant pinnacle investigation and a moving normal ongoing RMS examination. The Average Spectral Curve is amazingly valuable for contrasting your music with reference tracks by indicating you the normal vitality for every recurrence band over the span of the melody.

How to master your tracks with Finalizer, our next generation mastering software for Windows.

Set Your Limit

Notwithstanding the traditional, overly straightforward Master Limiter got from our hailed Brick Wall 2 calculation, we are presenting the all new Loudness Limiter. This element is enhanced for ventures focused on present day spilling administrations like Spotify, Tidal,and iTunes, naturally giving them the ideal uproar level. That way you can concentrate on how the track really sounds and performs and let the limiter do something amazing – giving your tracks the headroom they should be characterized, clear and punchy!

Focus on the big picture

Finalizer’s smooth and moderate plan is improved for contrasting A/B tracks against one another or against your favored reference tracks, making it simple to keep a diagram of every one of your alterations. Since the Finalizer acing programming is associated with, you a consistently reference your own tracks to inclining hits and at various times works of art. This gives all of you the data you have to situate your venture facing what else is out there.

Here’s a short video on how to get started using modules in Finalizer.

Bespoke Mastering

With an abundance of incredible equalizer calculations, Finalizer permits you to adjust your venture in detail. Take your pick from an expansive scope of parametric EQs, low/hello there cut channels, low/hey racking EQs and Dynamic EQs that let you tailor your tracks to taste – with general terms or with careful accuracy, as you see fit. With Finalizer you can without much of a stretch get the ideal sound system picture by tweaking and structuring the spatial properties of your track. TC Electronic’s celebrated full-band and multiband blowers let you balance your tracks and pull explicit components to the fore with outrageous accuracy, on account of the mix of refined forms of our honor winning System 6000 calculations and momentous new ones.

Unlimited oversight

Finalizer’s instinctive sign handling modules give you an outline of the sign chain from the soonest arrangement organize, through evening out, sound system alterations and pressure to the last din restricting, where your track prepares for send out. Since before you transfer your tracks to your favored spilling administrations or send them off for slicing to vinyl, they must be great.

How to use TC Electronic Analyzer to make your tracks sound their best.

Development is Experimentation

Rather than beginning without any preparation for each new undertaking, Finalizer accompanies a wide scope of effectively customizable presets for various situations structured by proficient acing engineers.This gives the ideal beginning stage to your acing work process. Normally, you can make your own presets, customized for your preferred sorts, so you can furnish follows your mark completing touch reliably.

Spectro Lab in Finalizer lets you visualize the dynamics of your tracks in an entirely new way!

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