Reason RE TE TapeEcho Mk2 [WiN]

TE TapeEcho Mk2
  • Publisher: Reason Studios & Ekssperimental Sounds
  • Product: TE TapeEcho Mk2
  • Version: 1.1.0-DECiBEL
  • Format: Reason Rack Extension
  • Requirements: You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder

TE TapeEcho Mk2 is a tape style echo with built in Chorus and Reverb. The echo has three time divisions from short (1) to long (3). With the slider control you can seamlessly slide the playhead for precise timing or timeshifting special effects. The feedback will self resonate on higher levels and makes a really gritty and nice dub delay in combination with the saturation and tone controls.

Since TE is a stereo device it allows for spacious effects. Use the stereo switch, the built-in chorus and spring reverb to create wide atmospheric sounds. The Direct switch let you use the echo either as an insert or as a send effect.

On the backside you will find several trimmers and a switch for sequencer sync. Finely tune the stereo echo effect with the width and offset trimmers and adjust the character with tape and motor age trimmers. On the back you will also find a time chart for a quick overview of the delay times.

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