Techivation M-Clarity [WiN]

Publisher: Techivation
Supplier: MOCHA
Product: M-Clarity
Version: 1.0.0
Format: VST2/VST3/AAX
  • Publisher: Techivation
  • Supplier: MOCHA
  • Product: M-Clarity
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX

M-Clarity is a dynamic resonance suppressor plugin designed to suppress unwanted muddy, boxy, and harsh frequencies and resonances in any sound. It combines simplicity and power, employing a unique spectral shaping algorithm to deliver accurate results.

Experience our unique spectral shaping technology

Achieving a balanced and clear sound can be difficult due to the presence of unwanted muddiness and boxiness in most cases. However, with M-Clarity’s spectral shaping technology, you can easily eliminate these issues while retaining the essential frequencies in your audio.

M-Clarity’s spectral shaping technology applies dynamic processing to the frequency spectrum, effectively reducing unwanted sounds in the mid and low-mid and low frequencies, resulting in a clearer and more balanced sound.

Choose a smarter solution for outstanding results

There are various ways to reduce unwanted muddiness and boxiness in mixes, but some methods are more effective and efficient than others. Although you can use tools such as EQ, dynamic EQs, or multi-band compressors to address these issues, none are as effective as M-Clarity.

Using M-Clarity, you can achieve great results quickly, without being distracted by complex-looking elements on the UI. We have kept the user interface minimal, without many visual distractions, so that you can focus all your attention on hearing the sound, rather than Getting overly absorbed in appearances.

Ideal for audio mixing, mastering, or sound editing

Whether you’re aiming for a cleaner kick drum with minimal room resonances, a well-balanced bass in your mix, or a clear and solid vocal track, a more solid overall mix the M-Clarity is the perfect solution.

Its exceptional precision not only makes it an excellent tool for audio mixing but also for audio mastering.

The key advantages

  • Clean any kind of singing vocals, or voice overs from muddy and harsh frequencies, unwanted resonance, and pops.
  • Clear up your drum hits from muddiness and boxiness for having them all fit nicely in your mixes.
  • Balance your tracks’ frequencies for mastering, for achieving the loudest sound with highest quality.
  • Clean up your instrument recordings, such as piano, synths, strings, etc. making sure they’re sounding pleasant to ear.
  • Create the tightest and most balance bass lines ever, by keeping the low frequencies balanced, and clean by eliminating the boxiness.
  • Soften and round up your transient sounds.

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