Techivation T-Warmer [WiN]

Publisher: Techivation
Product: T-Warmer
Version: 1.1.1 Incl Keygen-R2R
  • Publisher: Techivation
  • Product: T-Warmer
  • Version: 1.1.1 Incl Keygen-R2R

With incredible audio saturation capabilities, the T-Warmer will add weight and warmth to your tracks while keeping them sounding musical.

Choose your favorite saturation & color

T-Warmer offers four different high quality harmonic saturations designed with the purpose of making your low and mid frequencies warmer and thicker. The plug-in allows you to apply any of these harmonic saturation makers to a certain frequency range of your sound, from 20Hz to 600Hz, or perhaps your own tailored choice. Featuring the streamlined interface design that Techivation is known for, T-Warmer will add extra weight to your sounds in just a few seconds.

Give your low-end a hi-end supreme quality

Unlike some other saturation plug-ins, T-Warmer has been specifically designed to add weight and fatness to sound. The 8X oversampling under the hood assures the results are of supreme quality. T-Warmer is excellent for applying both subtle or aggressive effects to any sound it encounters. Depending on your sound source and taste, you can take advantage of both ways. Our extensive research showed that subtle amounts of T-Warmer effect sound the most effective on sounds with more low frequencies while more aggressive amounts would help on thinner sounds with less low frequencies.

Optimize your time for more creativity

With only the most essential and effective controls right at your fingertips, T-Warmer is great for audio engineers of all levels. The streamlined design helps you to quickly get the sound that you’re looking for. The user interface in T-Warmer is designed with minimalism and effectiveness in mind, following Techivation’s design ethos of removing distraction through beautiful design. The graphical user interface of T-Warmer lets you scale it from 80% to 150% to your preferences, and it’s optimized for high-resolution retina monitors. As a further result of its minimalist design, T-Warmer lets you save more CPU power.

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