The Him DSP Sub Ninja [WiN]

Sub Ninja is the perfect VST plugin to help you master the mix of your sub/bass and kicks.
  • Publisher: The Him DSP
  • Product: Sub Ninja
  • Release: TeamCubeadooby
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Format: AAX/VST3

Achieving that perfect low-end in every mix is an art, and Sub Ninja is your secret weapon. This visual powerhouse is designed to elevate your sub/bass and kick mixing game, providing a crystal-clear view of what’s happening in your low-end for a mix that hits just right.

Synced Visualization

Immerse yourself in real-time audio-waveform synchronization, breathing life into your project’s bass. Sub Ninja ensures you stay in the groove with a visual representation that evolves as your audio does.

Waveform vs. Spectrum

Bid farewell to traditional spectrum analyzers! Sub Ninja’s waveform visualization takes bass clarity to a whole new level. Witness the difference as you sculpt your low-end masterpiece.

Instant Filter Control

Tailor your lowpass filter on-the-fly with Sub Ninja. Redraw waveforms instantly, even in silence, allowing for precise frequency tuning that aligns with your creative vision.

Microscopic Detail

Zoom into the sample level with unparalleled clarity. Sub Ninja doesn’t miss a beat, offering intuitive controls for a deep dive into waveform analysis. Uncover the microscopic details that make all the difference.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision in your low-end mixing. Sub Ninja is not just a tool; it’s your ally in creating a bass and kick combination that stands out. Level up your audio game with Sub Ninja – where every beat is a masterpiece! 🎧🔊

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  • Post last modified:February 5, 2024

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