The Tunes Navira [WiN]

Publisher: The Tunes
Product: Navira
Version: 1.1.6 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R
  • Publisher: The Tunes
  • Product: Navira
  • Version: 1.1.6 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R

No other VSTi synthesizer on the market can match the sound of Navira
NAVIRA — NAVIRA is a modern VST synthesizer that features the legendary Hypersaw sound — the sound that defined modern Trance, Progressive and a host of other EDM styles.

Many have tried and failed to get close to the authentic sounds of Hypersaw and Supersaw—until now! NAVIRA is the first VSTi synthesizer to precisely replicate the signature sound of the Roland JP-8000 and the Virus TI.

Coded from the ground up, NAVIRA’s powerful sound engine achieves outstandingly rich, bright and deep-sounding patches. With its high-quality filters and detune section, this engine gives any producer the means to precisely model the distinctive character of Roland and Virus.

The high-quality, wide and dense sound we achieve is down to the precision of our Supersaw and Hypersaw oscillators (Modes A and B)

We tested waves generated by oscillators countless times to determine how to achieve the exact Supersaw/Hypersaw you get from the JP-8000 and Virus TI with the same fatness.

Apart from the oscillators, we also replicated the Detune section. This enabled us to emulate the exact wave behavior of the original synthesizers. Even with a massive amount of detuning, you get a wide, rich, powerful sound.

Alternatively, with small amounts of detune you get a clear, delicate, thin and very determined sound. With the same outstanding quality, for sure…

Like the rest of its components, Navira’s filters precisely model their analog counterparts from the original synthesizers. Starting with high-quality oscillators, waveforms are detuned then passed through a filter section that recreates the most iconic and legendary of subtractive sounds.

Navira has 8 types of filtration, each with its own distinctive features that make your sound astonishingly clear and punchy, so it blends easily into the rest of your work. Each filtration type offers envelope modulation and LFO.

We developed special onboard distortion effects to make the already fat Hypersaw sound even fatter. Distortion can be used to make the sound incredibly dirty, but its primary function is to enhance with beautiful harmonics, extra drive, thickness and consistency.

The specific sound design goals give you, 7 types of distortion to work with, each contributing a different ‘smashing’ characteristic. So feel free to experiment with all of them to get the sound you want.

On top of the main oscillators, Navira has 3 more, designed to put the sonic icing on the cake!

Punch — adds attack, amplification and clarity to the sound.
Sub — adds a low-frequency component, to liven up lead sounds with fullness and body.
Noise — adds characteristic noise to saturate your sound in all frequencies.

To tweak the timbre of the final sound

Modulation matrices are usually too complicated for the average user. That’s why we’ve created one that’s extremely easy to use. Ours lets you add movement to your sound with just an LFO or an envelope. Despite that, modulation sources are flexible and extremely high quality

Excellent code optimization makes Navira easy on your CPU, so you can run multiple instances of the plugin and work on big projects without compromising your tracks

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