Reason RE Skrock Thermal [WiN]

Publisher: Reason Studios & Skrock
Product: Thermal
Version: 1.0.2-DECiBEL
Format: Reason Rack Extension
Requirements: You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder

In Thermal, one single cycle waveform is divided into four parts (ABCD) playing in sequence. Each part has eight waves to mix and match which then results in the final waveform. To add even more sound shaping, each of these parts (ABCD) has its own Amp, Pan, Semi, and Cent controls.


All sections (ABCD) have their own controls for Amp, Pan, Semi, Cent. This enables the user to further modify the final waveform. For example, detune just a part of a waveform, or turning off one section completely by turning down it’s amplitude.


Thermal also features a control panel for settings and modulations. Polyphony can be enabled/disabled, as can filter key tracking.

Here we also find two modulation ADSR envelopes, and two modulation LFOs. These can be routed to:

Global Pitch

  • A, B, C or D Pitch Global Volume
  • A, B, C or D Volume Global Panning
  • A, B, C or D Panning Global Filter Cutoff
  • A, B, C or D Filter Cutoff
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