Unfiltered Audio SILO [WiN]

Publisher: Unfiltered Audio
Product: SILO
Version: 1.1.0-TeamCubeadooby
Format: x64: VST3, VST2, AAX / x86: JBridge files for 32 bit
  • Publisher: Unfiltered Audio
  • Product: SILO
  • Version: 1.1.0-TeamCubeadooby
  • Format: x64: VST3, VST2, AAX / x86: JBridge files for 32 bit

Reverb like you’ve never heard it before
Unfiltered Audio’s SILO is unlike any other reverb out there. Endlessly tweakable and just begging to be automated, it harnesses the power of granular processing for incredibly rich and even otherworldly reverb sounds you have to hear to believe.

Powerful enough for sound design, musical enough for your mixes
SILO breaks up your incoming sounds into “grains”—incredibly short snippets of audio—which can be processed individually. You’re able to adjust the size, shape, speed, pitch and spread of these grains, reverse them, and process them separately using automated rules to create novel spaces and reverb effects.

Packed with presets and full of possibilities
This reverb is a tweakhead’s delight. If you like to play with knobs and see where they take you, SILO will quickly become one of your favorite plugins. You can adjust a half dozen parameters for grain generation and treat them using an array of distinct “movement” algorithms with colorful names like “Comets”, “Moons”, “Meteors”, “Stars” and “Shimmer”. For creating colorful new sounds with a minimum of fuss, try the robust library of presets from top sound mixers and designers like Richard Devine.

Pan your sound in multiple dimensions
One of the areas where SILO excels most is in creating width and movement in what feels like a truly three-dimensional space. With modes that function almost like a multi-dimensional autopanner, you’ll hear your sounds swirling around you with depth, intrigue, and spatialization that it’s difficult to get from any other type of tool.

A distinct class of processor
Granular processing has been part of the sound design world throughout the 21st century, but only recently has it begun making bigger waves in the realm of music production. Unfiltered Audio’s SILO gives you some of the most control possible over the process while still retaining a straightforward and easy-to-use interface—perfect for music production and sound design alike. Use it to completely reshape synths, vocals and percussion, subtly sweeten them, or create entirely new sound effects for video and post production.


Granular processing allows for unusual and previously unheard reverb effects.
Control the grains’ size, shape, speed, pitch, level and more.
Select from distinct movement types including “Comets”, “Moons”, “Meteors”, “Stars” and “Shimmer”.
Integrated filter section and spatialization controls.
Onboard compression and maximization functions.
Wet/dry knob.
Customizable color themes.
A library of presets from mixers and sound designers like Richard Devine for dialing in compelling sounds in a single click.

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