Vertigo Sound VSE-4 [WiN-MAC]

Vertigo Sound VSE-4 Discrete Gyrator EQ
  • Publisher: Vertigo Sound
  • Product: VSE-4
  • Release: R2R — iamdumb
  • Version: 1.0.226 — 1.0.230
  • Format: U2B/AU/VST3/AAX
  • Requirements: Windows 10 — macOS 10.9 through 12.X

The VSE-4 plugin draws inspiration from the musical sound of the VSE-2 EQ while carving out its own unique sonic identity. With a fully parametric and modular design, alongside innovative Saturation and FM Drive controls, the VSE-4 offers precise and musical EQing with an analog sound, coupled with exceptional control over the nonlinear behavior of the filters.

Key features of the VSE-4 plugin include:

  • Discrete Gyrator Sound for maximum musical behavior, ensuring rich and dynamic EQ processing.
  • High- and Lowpass Filters with slopes up to 36 dB/octave, providing precise control over the frequency spectrum.
  • 4 fully parametric EQ bands with 13 different filter types, offering versatile shaping options for any audio source.
  • Adjustable Saturation and FM Drive per band, allowing for subtle warmth or heavy distortion effects.
  • Overdrive Module for adding rich overtones or heavy distortion to the audio signal.
  • Modular Signal Chain, enabling flexible routing and signal processing.
  • The nonlinear filter circuits in the VSE-4 have been meticulously tuned and digitally modeled to imbue each of the 13 filter types with its own unique sonic character. Combined with the Overdrive module, users can explore a wide range of rich harmonic textures and frequency-based distortion effects.

With its precise control, musical EQing capabilities, and versatile distortion options, the VSE-4 plugin empowers audio engineers and producers to craft unique and dynamic sounds with ease.

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