Vertigo Sound VSM-4 [WiN-MAC]

Vertigo Sound VSM-4 plugin is your ultimate mix and mastering saturation toolbox.
  • Publisher: Vertigo Sound
  • Product: VSM-4
  • Release: R2R — iamdumb
  • Version: 1.5.215 — 1.5.216
  • Format: U2B/AU/VST3/AAX
  • Requirements: Windows 10 — macOS 10.9 through 12.X

The new VSM-4 plugin introduces a groundbreaking approach to valve distortion and saturation, drawing inspiration from the legendary W. Frank Custom Tube Desk circuitry from 1959. This circuitry, meticulously brought back to life in collaboration with HE Studiotechnik, features massive transformers, ingenious valve circuits, and passive filters.

Here are some key features of the VSM-4 plugin:

  • Transformer emulation with autogain and bass lift, replicating the rich harmonic characteristics of vintage tube gear.
  • Triode emulation with bias control (high/low) for fine-tuning saturation characteristics.
  • Pentode emulation with type selector (dense/clear) for versatile tonal shaping.
  • Input filter with fixed bands (as in the VSM-2) and continuous bandpass (new mode in VSM-4), offering enhanced flexibility in shaping the frequency response.
  • MS (Mid-Side) functionality for triode and pentode saturation, allowing precise control over stereo imaging.
  • MS and distortion solo options for triode and/or pentode stages, facilitating detailed tweaking and monitoring.
  • MS and LR (Left-Right) output level control for balancing the stereo field.
  • Scalable GUI for optimal usability across different screen sizes and resolutions.

The VSM-4 plugin is not simply an update of its predecessors but represents a significant evolution in valve saturation and distortion processing, providing essential tools for modern mixing and mastering engineers.

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