Wasted Audio WSTD M3NGLR [WiN-MAC-LiNUX]

Wasted Audio WSTD M3NGLR VST
  • Publisher: Wasted Audio
  • Supplier: BTCR
  • Product: WSTD M3NGLR
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Format: VST

The sum is greater than the parts. WSTD M3NGLR effect plugin is a combination of our 3Q and KANGLR plugins for some triple band distorting action.

It consists of 3 different distorting effects. Namely the CRSHR, which does bit reduction. The FLDR, a wave folder. And the SMTHR, a soft-clipping overdrive.

The order of these 3 wave-mangling stages can be set at will, creating some wildly different sound distorting effects.

At the end of this distortion chain there is an automated limiter, that will try to keep things within the RMS level of your input signal. Or you can control
the gain manually if you want. Be careful with it as the output can potentially be very hot!

Like all our other software this plugin is without DRM and Opensource.

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